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Virtual Reality Training Design

Our Mission

VRE bring together the latest thinking in virtual reality and psychology with learning and development. Our mission is the unique combination of these three elements to create virtual experiences that drive engagement, change behaviour and promote learning in genuinely useful ways.

Virtual Reality Hire

HTC Vive Hire

Get VR experience with its room scale technology and wireless controllers, you can wander your virtual environment and interact fully with HTC Vive.

Samsung Gear VR Hire

Samsung Gear VR is a popular option for when you need a large number of individuals to experience a VR application.

Oculus Rift Hire

Oculus Rift includes a comfortable VR headset and is a premium offering. Excellent quality software is available with the Oculus system.

Playstation VR Hire

Sony Playstation VR Hire is an excellent overall experience. With a comfortable headset and varied selection of VR experiences, it also is easy to setup.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera Hire

We offer a range of 360 VR cameras and filming services for all your needs

Hololens Hire

Hololens is very different to other VRs, as it blends a holographic display with current reality, creating an augmented reality experience.

High Performance VR Laptop / Gaming Laptop Hire

These high performance VR laptops with the latest GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Graphics offer a greater level of convenience, less cables, less fuss and great portability

VR PC Systems Hire

We run powerful VR PC systems ensuring that you get the best experience and give you a reliable and easy setup for any occasion.

Meta 2 Hire

Meta 2 Hire

Meta 2, the wide field of view augmented AR headset, arguably the best AR solution at the moment.

Samsung HMD Odyssey Headset Hire

Samsung HMD Odyssey Headset Hire

Samsung’s Excellent Windows VR Headset

Dell Visor Headset Hire

Dell Visor Headset Hire

Dell’s nicely designed Windows Mixed Reality HMD

Acer VR Headset Hire

HTC Vive Pro

Better resolution, better ergonomics, better integrated wireless solution from HTC.

Oculus Go Hire

Robot hire for events

VRE are thrilled to announce that we are now offering the Nao Robot and the Pepper robot hire for your events

Magic Leap Hire

Magic Leap Hire

Magic Leap is the new AR headset, it offers high resolution AR in a compact and comfortable form factor, ideal for VR events or demonstrations

VR Racing simulator Hire

VR Racing simulator Hire

Go full throttle with our amazing VR Racing experience, force feedback steering and quality VR Cockpit

Acer VR Headset Hire

Acer VR Headset Hire

Acer’s entry into the Windows Mixed Reality Experience


The VRE team developed and delivered a bespoke package to the business that exactly suited our requirements, even when we weren’t fully aware of them ourselves. The software platform perfectly emulated a “real life” construction site and the usable items (drills, anchors, cleaning utensils, steel plates) reflected the processes needed for perfect anchor installation, so much so that the business as a whole have decided to further our training resources with the addition of VR.

Dan Czerwinski, Head of Marketing, Fischer
We commissioned VRE to create a Hololens application for a major Havaianas event in Madrid at very short notice, they amazingly turned it around in just 7 days and flew out to Madrid to deliver it on time and we were extremely pleased with the end product, the training they then provided on the bespoke app and also the Hololens hire was also very useful, they provided the complete service and at a great price.
Filippo Trentin Alpargatas, Havaianas
Working with VRE was a very positive experience, their service and flexibility was what we needed to do an event of this size. Fast, efficient, and very helpful – VRE provided beyond what we expected for virtual reality hire. I will recommend them with all my heart.
Jan Ingar Grindheim, Bergen International Film Festival

VRE provided Santander with a fully immersive employee engagement exercise using the latest virtual reality technology. By using VR, we were able to strengthen team relationships in a new, engaging and fun way.

Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer, Santander
Thank you so much for all of your effort in making last night a complete success. We were so fortunate to have found you — you really made the evening effortless! Your team was the star of the night. Thank you, thank you!
Jessica Y. Shamash, Head of Creative Production, Pixar
Working with Virtual Reality Experiences has been a wonderful experience. We trust them to service events for our high profile clients without the project team in attendance as we’ve been seriously impressed with their professionalism, diligence, and positive attitude. They’ve always delivered from a tech perspective, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. We’ll continue to use them for virtual reality hire and at events in the future as they make our lives a bit easier!
Kiley Leong, Imagination

Hire Virtual Reality in London, UK & Europe

Virtual Reality Experiences (VRE) is your number 1 virtual reality hire service in the UK and Europe. We are ready to bring you the latest VR equipment for your next or first project. We are proud to offer a team of professionals able to advise you on the necessary requirements for events, trade shows, 360 film production, corporate meetings, presentations, colleges, business training, product launches, film production, virtual tours of hotels and businesses, parties and much more. Hiring virtual reality technology from us is a sure fire way to ensure you get the very best in expertise and quality gear for your event.

We are UK and Europe’s top choice for VR rental at events, conferences and exhibitions. Our highly skilled team are ready to offer you the very best in technology and entertainment. Popular choices include the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Google Cardboard, Hololens and Samsung Gear.

Whether your next project is a small or large venture, our bespoke solutions will be designed to fit your requirements. Our vast experience means we stock all the top VR headsets to rent, 360 cameras and VR ready PCs or TVs. We have worked with some of the best global brands on projects of varied complexity. See our testimonials above.

With same day dispatch, your company benefits from our top-notch virtual reality hire service offering hardware and software complete with top quality computers. Your exhibition visitors gain an immersive and high quality VR experience. Virtual Reality is the new way to engage with your visitors at events, to train your staff in the best skills, and to provide a shared experience able to simulate environments. Your staff will benefit from virtual training environments to teach business skills e.g. talking and showing a presentation to a crowd.

Other uses for VR include helping people conquer fear of heights, improve communications skills, a unique and novel entertainment feature and education for colleges and schools. Whatever your requirements, VRE are ready to set up your event. Our highly experienced team are able to offer friendly and helpful advice for your occasion.

Select from our huge range of virtual reality hire solutions and rent the very latest and best gear from VRE. So what are you waiting for? chat with us today about your requirements and our experienced staff will guide you through the process from start to finish no matter the size of your project.