VRE bring together the latest thinking in virtual reality and psychology with learning and development. Our mission is the unique combination of these three elements to create virtual experiences that drive engagement, change behaviour and promote learning in genuinely useful ways.



We were thoroughly impressed by the VR Hire provided by Virtual Reality Experiences, especially their exceptional customer service, problem-free delivery, and collection of the hardware.

From the get-go, VRE’s customer service was top-notch. Their knowledgeable and friendly team guided us through selecting the most suitable VR equipment for our needs. They took the time to explain the features of the VR hardware, addressing all our queries and concerns with patience and expertise. This personalised attention not only made us feel valued but also ensured we were making the most informed decision when deciding on VR Hire.

The delivery of the VR hardware was seamless and efficient. VRE’s team took care of every logistical aspect, ensuring the hardware arrived in perfect condition and on time at our location. The setup was easy, thanks to their clear instructions and guidance, allowing us to focus on providing the best VR experience for our clients at our important VR Event.

After our experience with VRE’s VR Hire Company, we have no doubt that they will be our go-to solution for all future VR hire-age needs. Their professionalism, dedication to customer satisfaction, and smooth handling of the entire process have won us over on trust. We highly recommend VRE for anyone looking to provide unforgettable VR experiences for their clients.

Jon Hill, Digital Lead, Jack Ryan Media

We used Virtual Reality Experiences for a relationship-building VR event at our agency, and found the process really easy and fun. Not only did they provide VR Hire but also the staff onsite too, we really enjoyed the various VR games on offer and the employees were extremely helpful and kind, and we had people stay longer than anticipated! We definitely recommend this service for those who want both VR hire and a good night activity, or a team-building exercise.

Millie Dunne, Account Manager, M&C Saatchi London

Are your learners tired of MS Teams? Mine were… thus we engaged and designed a VR Experience to uplift the engagement , providing Team bonding VR events, deliver a fun environment, something new that does not bore the learner and feel safe to practice skills we used to deliver in-person settings. Personally was excited to see the survey results delivered by VRE where the learners reported a higher engagement and practice to previous classes.

Delivery of the VR Hire and technical set-up was smooth, which was critical for our Global learners not to lose interest in the experience.

Note to other Learning Leaders… give it a try and build an experience journey rather than a one time class so the learner feels comfortable with the googles, platform and their avatar. They support our VR Event every step of the way.

Andrea Ainsworth, Global Learning Leader, GE Healthcare

We wanted to do something really different and memorable for our graduate assessments and VRE worked with us to provide the necessary VR hire and an assessment tool that would create the opportunity to see our graduate candidates operating in a much more ‘real’ environment than traditional graduate selection tools enable.

The virtual reality exercise allowed the assessors to see the candidate’s real behavioural preferences and having access to feedback from a Business Psychologist on the candidate’s performance was really helpful in allowing the manager’s to process their thoughts and add another feedback lens. Our candidates were really positive about the virtual reality experience and it was very much a talking point for all the candidates.

We believe it really helped enable us to stand out against other graduate assessment centres.

Suzanne Bray, HR Business Partner, Convexin

VRE worked with us to deliver a fantastic learning experience for our team members. Using their VR hire and VR event services, we were able to offer remote training which let our team feel as if they were together in the same place. We had so much positive feedback, including: “It was powerful learning, a great opportunity for feedback and really realistic.” I’m delighted with the transference of learning back into work, with participants seeing positive changes in their teams because of the new coaching skills they have learnt.

I think it’s so important that learning professionals understand the value of experiential learning in a digital environment and seek opportunities to enhance their development options with VR hire especially when it is supported by experienced VR events and training professionals.

Richard Stockill (CPsychol, AFBPS), Executive Coach and Talent Lead, Homebase

I was excited to experience VR event for the first time ever with VRE. As a management development trainer myself, I was intrigued to see how I and a group of our managers would react to a virtual programme, what would the experience be like? What would we gain and lose in comparison to a face-to-face or Teams Session? I have to say that I was delighted at how immersive the experience was, how ideal the environment was for learning, and how skilfully Mark made use of the virtual tools and different facilitation techniques. This was much closer to a face-to-face experience than I had imagined possible and I’m now confident about the potential for virtual learning especially as we can easily use VR hire instead of having to buy expensive equipment. Coupled with this, the content of the session coaching skills for managers session was well pitched for a group of new managers, giving them helpful information and most importantly practice, which will help them with their day to day work and real life challenges. I’d easily recommend VRE to others for their VR hire and training services.

Judith Flaschmann, Management Development Consultant, House of Commons

We loved working with VRE! We had a major VR event and based on a concept and storyboard from our design team their incredible team was able to create an immersive world that guided users down a pathway charting the history and evolution of our client’s brand. The end product was genuinely better than I could have imagined. They provided all the VR hire kit and staff and as a company VRE’s communication was top notch – at no point were we left lacking. I was also impressed by the safeguarding considerations made for staff operating in higher risk cities overseas. They continue to be a partner we know we can rely on and our first port of call when it comes to VR hire and VR events.

Graham Smith, Shelton Fleming, London

The VRE team provided well supported VR hire with kit and staff and developed a bespoke package to the business that exactly suited our requirements, even when we weren’t fully aware of them ourselves. The software platform perfectly emulated a “real life” construction site and the usable items (drills, anchors, cleaning utensils, steel plates) reflected the processes needed for perfect anchor installation, so much so that the business as a whole have decided to further our training resources with the addition of their VR hire and VR design services.

Dan Czerwinski, Head of Marketing, Fischer

We commissioned VRE to create a Hololens application for a major Havaianas event in Madrid at very short notice, they amazingly turned it around in just 7 days and flew out to Madrid to deliver the project and the VR hire with it, we were extremely pleased with the end product, the training they then provided on the bespoke app and also the Hololens was also very useful, they provided the complete VR hire and design service.

Filippo Trentin Alpargatas, Havaianas

Working with VRE was a very positive experience, their VR hire service and flexibility was what we needed to do an event of this size. Fast, efficient, and very helpful – VRE provided way beyond for virtual reality hire and support and we have used them for multiple years.

Jan Ingar Grindheim, Bergen International Film Festival

VRE provided Santander with a fully immersive employee engagement exercise using the latest virtual reality technology. By using their VR hire and vr events services, we were able to strengthen team relationships in a new, engaging and fun way.

Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer, Santander

Thank you so much for all of your effort in making last night a complete success. We were so fortunate to have found you — you really made the evening effortless! Your team was the star of the night.

Jessica Y. Shamash, Head of Creative Production, Pixar

VRE helped us with an urgent project in Berlin and provided us with fast and reliable VR hire in person to our office door, reassuring to have found a reliable partner for our VR hire needs.

Fax Quintus, I-Immersive, Berlin

It was great working with VRE; with a short lead time you captured the essence of our vision on a very important day for our firm and successfully helped us bring our people on board with our new brand. Your VR hire and VR event services and international reach made this overseas vr event possible.

Emily Hill, Head of Events ex-Africa, Investec Asset Management


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