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360 VR Camera Hire

Samsung Gear 360 Hire

This simple camera is very easy to use, you can film remotely using the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone to control the camera. The Samsung app will also do the stitching for you making the whole process very simple indeed.

The quality is good enough for you to show your services on your website and let people experience your service in 360 so they can see for themselves why they need to give you a call.

GoPro Omni Hire

A popular solution, using 6 Go Hero4 cameras allowing for higher levels of resolution.

Reasonably compact this rig also allows easy synchronisation and a single power source for the whole thing.

The trade off for higher resolution is however more stitch lines so we do generally recommend the solution below the GoPro Fish Eye Lens Rig unless you really need very high resolutions.

GroPro Fish Eye Lens Rig

We have found this to be the ideal optimal solution with good results, with only a single stich line and still excellent resolution this is a good all-rounder solution for your 360 filming needs.

Ricoh Theta S

A similar entry level camera to the Samsung Gear 360, again very simple and easy to use, with all the complicated stitching again done for you.

Similar results to the Samung Gear VR though in low light conditions we think the Samsung Gear VR is slightly superior.

Nikon Keymission 360

This 360 camera allows you to record 360 movies with 4K UHD video recording, it is also robust in that is it waterproof down to 30m. Also shockproof so can be used in pretty much any environment.

It links via Bluetooth to your devices and images are automatically stitched together in-camera.