About Us

The Complete VR Services Specialist

Here at VRE we specialise in corporate VR services, our expertise in VR has led us to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and offer incredibly engaging and unique experiences. With everything under one roof from VR hire to VR content design you can work with a single company who provides the VR content, the VR hire and the support/consulting you need to put it all together.

We offer a range of services and can help with the following:

VR Events

  • Conferences, exhibitions
  • Corporate entertainment
  • Product launches
  • Company keynotes or events (remote or in-person)

VR Team Building

  • Team building for entertainment
  • Team building with some development
  • Onsite or remote

VR Training

  • Remote training in soft skills, management and leadership
  • VR simulations for a wide range of self directed learning
  • VR training design, whether it is H&S or industrial or product/service training


  • Helping organisations select or source suitable VR for an event or training
  • Design and build of VR content for training or product launches
  • Helping organisations pilot VR for a range of applications, from VR training to VR events, to VR assessment

VR Hire

  • Selection and supply of the best VR equipment for an event or activation, training deployment
  • Trained and experienced VR hire staff on-site at events or training deployments for VR Hire

Based in London, Worldwide in Scope

We work all over the world, our teams have flown out to deliver VR to Asia, North America, Africa, Europe and everywhere else in-between. We have an large and experienced team and the latest VR equipment to support any application, our depth of support means we can support large projects such as running a VR launch event in 5 different countries simultaneously all on the same day.

Remote services however are gradually becoming more commonplace and we have helped many major brands implement VR to bring their teams together in a VR face to face environment regardless of location, bringing teams together that normally only meet once a year, now they can meet daily.

Our VR Hire hubs enable this, we have a network of VR hire locations set up in US, China, Singapore, Europe and UK that enable us to deliver VR anywhere in the world. We can often ship to arrive the next day and our orientations team can then get your delegates ready for their remote event, training or team building.