About Us

We are Psychologists

Our team includes psychologists with extensive experience and backgrounds in learning and development, management and leadership programmes, assessment design and recruitment. They work closely with our event planners and development team to ensure our services offer the latest thinking in psychology when applied to your corporate event services, team building day or VR/AR designs.

We are Game Developers

Our team has extensive experience in VR and AR design, with careers spanning a range of VR and AR software applications. We pride ourselves on our creativity and finding interesting new ways of developing and delivering VR and AR experiences for clients.

We are Training and Learning/Development professionals

Our team includes learning and development professionals who have earned their training spurs in the corporate world. They have extensive experience across a broad range of areas, including soft skills training, coaching and management and leadership programmes. If your planned VR event or VR team building have any learning outcomes, they will be delivered by seasoned and friendly training experts.