Augmented Reality Training For The Industrial Sector


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Create Training content in AR quickly and efficiently for your teams, with an authoring tool that allows scenario creation in just 30 minutes.

We can help you explore the benefits of AR training and your journey through its implementation and ROI measurements.

With consulting, hardware and software support VRE can help demonstrate how AR can make large cost savings for you organisation, through fewer mistakes, more efficient training transfer and scalable off site solutions.

Join Our AR Pilot Programme

To understand the benefits of AR training fully and to demonstrate the ROI of AR training we are offering companies the chance to join our AR Pilot Programmes.

These programmes typically start with us identifying a case use scenario to solve a particular problem that is using a lot of resources to rectify or is just time intensive.

We then work with you to plan a pilot programme and design the scenarios for testing.

Support can also be provided for ROI analysis post project.

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Why AR for Industrial Training?

  • Digitise your industrial maintenance protocols in complete autonomy
  • Facilitate the transmission of your industrial know-how
  • Ability to create training scenarios in as little at 30 minutes
  • Ability to interface with your CMMS (computerised maintenance management solution)
  • Early detection of anomalies
  • Reduction of machine downtime
  • Display of maintenance task lists while working on the machine
  • Step by step guidance in AR
  • Compatible with PPE in industrial environment and with PPE reminders
  • Decrease in accidents
  • Human error rate reduced to 0

Expert remote assistance from your subject matter experts direct to your operators

Bring in extra expertise direct to the factory floor if required, the AR solution allows a subject matter expert to see what your operator is seeing and offer expert guidance and advice to resolve the issue, this has a number of benefits:

  • Saves time, operator can resolve the issue more quickly
  • Reduces errors, less likely for mistakes or errors
  • Operators learn from experts in the field and benefit from this efficient knowledge transfer
  • Remote experts can be anywhere in the world

Improve Training and Safety for New Staff

Train your new staff in real time on maintenance operations. Support powerpoint and traditional classroom training with additional on-the-job training as they move out of the classroom onto the shop floor.

New staff have resources and help literally at their fingertips, reducing the chances of error and accidents at a higher risk stage of employment.

optimizes its industrial maintenance with Augmented Reality

The lack of digitalization of industrial maintenance protocols results in the slowing down of production lines, the reduction of profitability and the massive loss of industrial know-how. To face these problems, Veolia has added Augmented Reality into the daily routine of its maintenance technicians.

  • Operational Excellence

  • Safer working environment

  • Optimal preventive maintenance

  • Better handover of know-how
  • Greater autonomy for technicians

  • Digitalization of training modules

  • +66% optimization of industrial processes

  • +61% risk assimilation

  • +52% time saving on training time

  • +30% time saving on operations

  • +11% mechanical efficiency

  • +7% increase in profitability on industrial activity

As a leader in the management, optimization and recovery of water, energy and material resources, Veolia must ensure that its industrial machinery is always operational to meet its clients’ needs effectively. The Factory Tour is therefore a maintenance operation that is essential to the smooth running of the site but requires regular, specific and sometimes complex checks on many industrial machines.

Print medium maintenance protocols made it difficult to optimally check the various industrial machines, slowing down the production lines and the company’s profitability. Technicians lost considerable time because they could not perform their maintenance operations quickly, without constantly referring to the numerous maintenance protocols associated.

​The frequency of accidents was slowing down the company’s activity and human errors were more common because maintenance technicians were not assisted at the operating site. The identification of anomalies or poorly executed actions was complex in the absence of follow-up on the actions carried out by each maintenance operator.

Thanks to the digitisation of industrial processes, know-how is now captured in the Augmented Reality scope and each maintenance technician can consult it when carrying out the Factory Tour, to be guided in real time, thanks to the appearance of the Augmented Reality maintenance ranges.
The time devoted to each maintenance operation has been reduced of 30% and the human error rate has been reduced to 0 thanks to the decision aid on rare gestures. The contribution of Operational Excellence within the company contributes to the daily profitability of the industrial activity thanks to the immediate identification of problems.

Safety issues have been put at the heart of Veolia’s industrial maintenance, thanks to the Augmented Reality display of personalized digital media such as reminders to wear PPE and the dangers present in certain areas of the plant.

Maintenance protocols are digitized and superimposed on reality thanks to Augmented Reality, allowing operators to carry out maintenance operations quickly, without their gestures and operational field of vision being hindered.