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Bespoke AR and VR for your Event

Link the VR/AR Experience to your Company

VR is great for events, conferences and exhibitions and our clients have always been pleased with its impact.

What is even better however, is tailored, relevant bespoked content designed with your company in mind.

This allows you to synergise the VR experience with your company, to deliver the wow factor. The experience creates curious questions engaging with the audience’s emotions and allowing you to involve them directly in your product or service in a memorable kinaesthetic way that will make you stand out.

We offer a customisable VR and AR experience service enabling clients to do this.

Go Beyond just Adding your Logos

We can do a lot more than add your logos to a VR application, you can:

  • Showcase a new tool or piece of equipment and let people try it out in a completely safe environment.
  • Challenge people to complete a task using your product or service.
  • Let people learn about your company by “doing”, the proven best way to learn.
  • Let people select additional product information themselves in their own time, either with AR or VR providing as much information as they want or need just by touching your product.

Creative VR/AR Event Design

We like coming up with exciting and innovative ways to engage.As a very creative team we always think out of the box.

So if you are looking for a different approach or way of showcasing your event then talk to us and we will always present you with a range of creative ideas for using VR/AR and linking it to your event.

Collaboration is Key

Here at VRE we like to collaborate, we also know that human beings are essentially social beings and that collaboration is in our nature.

So we like to bring this into our client VR events, getting delegates working together to build something or solve a problem is a sure fire way to create energy, engagement and memorable experiences at an event.

We are able to build collaborative VR and AR experiences for your event using any of the main VR and AR platforms.