The best VR applications when you hire Samsung Gear VR

Smash Hit VR

When hiring a Samsung Gear VR, one of your first considerations might be, what should I load first? Whether you are new to VR or a know it all, the first go to title that always provides a great experience is Smash Hit VR – it’s a simple, yet competitive game that really brings out the best of your Samsung Gear VR hire.

You are centred in a 3D space, where you move in varying speeds across many ascetically appeasing landscapes, mostly full of glass. The aim of the game is to smash your way through many levels, which increase in difficulty while making sure you don’t run out of balls. Yes, balls. To smash the glass before your character hits it, you must throw your balls to hit the glass so that you can fit through. Every time you throw your balls, they deplete. Various triangle type shapes spawn throughout the game, which you must hit with your balls to gain more. This game will consume many hours of your time, but it will defiantly be worth it.


Dread Halls/Sisters

If you have a Bluetooth controller, the next best VR application would be Dread Halls. If you like games that are little scary, then the best way to fully experience your Samsung Gear VR hire is to play Dread Halls. It’s a 3D dungeon crawler game, where you must navigate through mazes to fulfil puzzles and activate the progression throughout the game. But be aware; you’re not alone. If the dark and gloomy scenery isn’t putting you on edge, it’s the idea that you’re being stalked from all sorts of demonic creatures. You think you saw one? Run. You must avoid these creatures at all costs, as they will devastate your character.

If you do not own a Bluetooth controller, another great thriller game would be Sisters – you are stationed in a front room, where you must be on full alert for things moving around the room unexpectedly. For the best experience, I would highly recommend headphones. The music in this game really adds to the build-up of the event.


Oculus Video/Netflix VR

If ‘scary’ isn’t your thing, how about relaxing in your own movie theatre? With Oculus Video, you can watch all your favourite videos, movies, and clips in your own virtual world. Pre-installed, you can choose from a range of scenery including, a movie theatre, being on the moon, a home cinema, and many more. The feeling of watching video on a massive screen is awe-inspiring itself, but being able to do so without the annoyance of other people ruining your cinema experience, is just the icing on the cake. You don’t need any other equipment other than your hired Samsung Gear VR and a few videos to kick back and watch. I would definitely recommend some headphones with this.

Got a Netflix account? Great. You can watch all the content Netflix can offer with the Netflix VR application – which is a great substitute if you don’t have access to video media to watch directly into the Samsung Gear VR.


Oculus Social Beta/vTime

The best social app by far is the Oculus Social Beta. It contains the same scenery as the Oculus Video, however you are sat next to real people who are also wearing a Samsung Gear VR – you can all watch the same video, or video stream (i.e. via Twitch TV) and talk to each other. Rooms are limited to 5 people max, and one person has the ‘remote’. This enables them, and them only, to change the video playing, and ban people from the room. This power is given to the first person to join the empty room, or automatically assigned when the leader leaves.

If watching videos isn’t your thing, and you just want to socialise – then I highly recommend you install vTime. In this application, you and 5 others can sit in a circle to communicate. You make your avatar and join social circles to meet new people. It’s a great app if all you want to do is talk to strangers from around the world.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Finally, something everyone can enjoy – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. This game requires multiple players, but only one Gear VR. You’re racing against the clock to defuse an active bomb. The catch? Only the person equipped with the Gear VR can see and touch the bomb, while the rest of you are equipped with a manual on how to defuse the bomb. You must work together to figure out what sort of mechanics the bomb has, and how to effectively defuse it before it blows up.

This game really brings everyone together to fully experience virtual reality’s potential. It can also be played by kids, as there is no gore in this game. It’s extremely fun even when you can’t defuse the bomb in time, and there are multiple difficulties and levels depending on your skill.


Best Applications When You Hire a Samsung Gear VR – Short List

1. Smash Hit VR
2. Dread Halls / Sisters
3. Oculus Video / Netflix VR
4. Oculus Social Beta / vTime
5. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes