The best accessories for when you hire a Samsung Gear VR


With your Samsung Gear VR hire, by far the single best accessory is the wireless controller. While the original Samsung Gear VR controller would guarantee compatibility across all applications, a popular choice is the SteelSeries Stratus XL. The SteelSeries controller is cheaper than the suggested Samsung equivalent and it has a few benefits. One of the main pros for this controller is that it is larger than the Samsung one. SteelSeries have taken a more conventional approach when designing their controller, which means that it looks and feels like a typical popular console controller. This does give the Samsung controller an advantage. However, due to it being designed specifically for the Samsung Gear VR they kept it small and thin – making it easy to fit in any bag and travel with.

The obvious winner here though, is the SteelSeries Stratus XL. It constantly receives great reviews and is a very robust controller – all this with the bonus of being cheaper than the Samsung gear VR controller.



Another great accessory is the headphones, however not all headphones are made equal. With the straps going over your head to keep your hired Samsung Gear VR on your face, over ear headphones can cause irritation. That is why it is suggested to get in-ear headphones like the ones that come with your phone, or if you prefer not to have a wire hanging from your Samsung Gear VR, Bluetooth headphones are highly recommended.

The most premium, no compromise solutions can be very expensive. This would include products like the Gear IconX wireless earbuds – however there are cheaper alternatives. The LG Tone Pro is considerably cheaper, with only 2 drawbacks. There is a single wire connecting the earbuds unlike the IconX, however it won’t be hanging in front of your face, but behind your neck. The second compromise is that you must wear the plastic collar that comes with the headphones, although they’re not heavy, they can be a little irritating for long sessions.



Want more gaming time with your Samsung Gear VR hire? The Anker Power Core 20100 power bank has the solution. Anker is a very respectable brand name when it comes to power banks, they are highly recommended by many, and have great reviews. This power bank can charge a Samsung S6 a little under 8 times, which creates considerably more gaming time than without one. It can be charging while you’re using the hired Samsung Gear VR.

With a simple USB cable, the power bank will comfortably sit in your pocket and trickle charge the phone while you use it. Obviously, any power bank can fulfil this role, but the Anker range have very low failure rates, and provide consistent reliable power banks – no risk of wrong voltages or damaging your phone.


Useful Equipment

Finally, this last accessory is very dependent on your environment – but a few alcohol wipes can really save the day if you’re constantly taking the Samsung Gear VR off to clean the lenses. This is especially useful if the glass steams up frequently due to temperature of the room or lots of people using the equipment. The reason why it’s suggested to use alcohol wipes is that they not only kill bacteria, but the alcohol will evaporate unlike water in normal room conditions. This means that it’s very unlikely to see water marks on the lenses. Alcohol wipes are also preferred over towels and t-shirts in –as they won’t scratch the glass.


Best Accessories Short list:

• Controller: SteelSeries Stratus XL
• Headphones: Gear IconX / LG Tone Pro
• Power Bank: Anker Power Core 20100
• Useful Equipment: Alcohol Wipes / Glasses Wipes