HP Reverb G2 Hire

The New HP Reverb G2 joins the ranks of intuitive, untethered, and powerful VR headsets. This allows all the hardware and thus the computing to be completed inside of the headset in a self-contained unit.

The lack of wires with this system leads to a truly freeing experience where one can simply “unplug and play”. The system is able to detect and acknowledge the area you are in and adapt the play space to the needs of each individual.

Previous windows headsets have always pioneered inside out tracking technology, which is not missing once again, with 4 Depth of Field sensors allowing for 6 Degrees of Freedom. Meaning that you can move in any direction in the applications available. The built in sensors also mean that there is no need for any external tracking or baseplates to clutter or make set-up more complicated than it needs to be.

One of the defining aspects of this headset is the giant leap forward it has taken in terms of visual fidelity, with 2 2160 x 2160 screens, one for each eye. This is not only much more than the current frontrunner of wireless standalone headsets such as the Oculus Quest but also boasts a higher resolution per eye than some PC powered, tethered headsets such as the Oculus Rift-S.

As well as this the system is paired with built in stereo headphones with sit just over the ear in order to give great sound quality for any content used. 2 controllers are required and are much more ergonomic and easier to use than many on the market, with quick response times and accurate tracking to boot.

Rest assured that when hiring the HP Reverb G2 from VRE you will receive all of the equipment required to have a pleasant and easy VR experience, as well as technical support if needed during your rental.