Implementing VR in Your Organisation

We Help You Pilot And Evaluate VR Training And Development

VR has truly arrived with the advent of light, comfortable to wear mobile VR headsets with 6 degrees of freedom for movement.

This is coupled with a huge bewildering array of competing platforms for a wide range of applications in organisations.

We can help you navigate all this, from selecting and demonstrating the different hardware options through to the different VR and AR platforms for your intended project.

We help companies plan pilots, evaluate the effectiveness of VR and implement their chosen VR solution whatever your need, whether it is leadership training around the world or factory training on the shop floor we can help.

VR Hire Hubs to Support Your Projects Around The World

To support VR training and VR Events we needed to be able to send headsets to clients whether they were in New York, Berlin, Shanghai or Singapore. For this reason we have our own VR Hire hubs located around the world in key locations run by our team, we can often prep and ship headsets to you the next day. Even better, if you engage our VR training services the VR hire is free of charge, we only charge for the training, the VR headset is only there to help you access our amazing training programmes.


Working with GE we help their US, EU and China teams work and learn together. After initially running a pilot with GE they were so impressed we have been running programms for them since. VR allows them to offer more flexible training without travel but all the benefits of face to face learning.

It has also allowed their teams in the US and EU and China to meet and learn together, breaking down silos, enabling cross fertilisation of ideas and building strong collegiate and professional networks across the organisation never before possible.

The virtual learning and development space is very exciting and has immense potential for skill building, human connections and building teams. When organising a Global Development Seminar for our early career rotational program members, we were looking for a partner who can support us in a number of countries globally with a meaningful offering. We partnered with VRE on coaching and soft skill training and team building activities. VRE was valuable partner on our journey to bring a memorable experience to our team: enhance coaching capabilities and a very contemporary way to enjoy connections. It was a unique first adventure and for sure not the last!

Imola Richards, Talent Leader, GE Steam Power, Global Program Manager HR Leadership Program, GE Corporate

Are your learners tired of MS Teams? Mine were… thus we engaged and designed a VR Experience to uplift the engagement , providing Team bonding events, deliver a fun environment, something new that does not bore the learner and feel safe to practice skills we used to deliver in-person settings. Personally was excited to see the survey results delivered by VRE where the learners reported a higher engagement and practice to previous classes.

Delivery of the googles and technical set-up was smooth, which was critical for our Global learners not to lose interest in the experience.

Note to other Learning Leaders… give it a try and build an experience journey rather than a one time class so the learner feels comfortable with the googles, platform and their avatar.

Andrea Ainsworth, Global Learning Leader, GE Healthcare

We can offer a broad range of services

In addition to our VR implementation services we also offer a wide range of VR services to help your organisation on its journey exploring VR.

We offer a huge range of soft skills training for remote or hybrid workers.

We can help your remote or hybrid teams reconnect, even if they are in different countries

We can help you assess and diagnose your teams and develop your leaders, all in VR

We can help with bespoke VR design, our 3d modellers and VR development team can create training for any situation from industrial to more soft skill based training.

Why Implementing Virtual Reality is Crucial for Businesses

Virtual reality (VR) has transformed from an exclusive gaming technology into a revolutionary tool for businesses. By embracing VR solutions, companies can create next-level experiences that were once considered impossible just a few years ago. In today’s experience-driven economy, implementing VR can provide a significant competitive advantage. The question is no longer whether to implement VR, but rather when and how to do so effectively, while considering the implementation costs of virtual reality.

With our short 90 mins training sessions for example your teams can learn together every day if needed, no travel, no time lost and no expensive flights or hotels.

VR will help all your teams work together more effectively and importantly bond and build relationships, this is why during the covid pandemic, many companies turned to us to help keep their teams functioning. With the pandemic over the genie is out of the bottle and companies now realise the huge advantages of VR for staff development and training.

Why Implementing Virtual Reality is Crucial for Businesses

Advantages of VR Implementations

Implementing VR solutions opens the door for businesses to immerse their customers and employees in captivating digital worlds that breathe life into their products and services. Strap on a VR headset, and suddenly you’re meeting colleagues on another continent for a brainstorm, assembling products piece by piece, or training in lifelike emergency scenarios. VR goes beyond passive media consumption, driving engagement through active, immersive experiences.

For customers, VR provides fresh and interactive ways to engage with brands. They can digitally configure kitchen countertops, embark on test drives with the latest automobiles, or wander the aisles of a captivating virtual supermarket. The possibilities are boundless, and VR product simulations significantly boost customer engagement and purchasing decisions.

For employees, implementing VR ushers in a new era of training and collaboration. High-risk tasks, such as medical procedures or construction projects, can be rigorously rehearsed in virtual environments. Remote team members can convene in innovative virtual workspaces that faithfully emulate real-life interactions, fostering knowledge retention, preparedness, and a sense of connection.

However, success in this realm hinges on collaborating with experts capable of crafting tailored VR solutions that align with your specific needs. This technology demands specialised skills to ensure a seamless integration of VR solutions that considers the implementation costs of virtual reality.

Why Choose Us

At VRE, your success is our top priority. We’ve helped hundreds of large organisations implement VR solutions to get real business results.

Our team of VR experts will guide you through the entire process, from inception to completion. We meticulously handle every aspect, encompassing the selection of optimal software, the integration of VR hardware, user training, and ongoing support. You can place your complete trust in us to harmoniously execute this innovative technology for your organisation and help you realise the significant cost savings that virtual reality offers.

For any project, we start by identifying how VR can create value specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you aim to roll out immersive training programmes or develop digital showrooms, we customise the virtual reality implementation to align with your goals. While we handle the intricacies, you can concentrate on serving your customers and achieving your business objectives.

Investing in VR no longer needs to be an unknown, we can help you every step of the way, with past examples of projects and show you what can be done and how.

Let’s discuss how VR can transform your customer and employee experiences. With VRE as your partner, you can implement this powerful technology with confidence.