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Virtual Reality Consultant

A varied and interesting role, ideally for a new Computer Science graduate, helping our team deliver VR services across a range of areas from events, teambuilding and also supporting our Technical Lead and Psychologists on client projects.

This would typically involve running events, from both the equipment set up side and also supporting and leading our team of VR Facilitators who run our VR set ups at events. Also testing of VR ideas and concepts for potential clients, to assess safety and practicality. Maintaining equipment at head office and managing equipment inventory to ensure it is working correctly.

The role also requires supporting our design team on client projects, this may be in AR or VR.

We work extensively in Europe so an interest working and traveling in the EU would be desirable.

Looking for a mix of technical skills, working with people, some leadership (to manage our VR facilitators) and someone who is thorough, organised, likes to plan and be methodical in their approach to work.

Salary dependent on experience.


Please send your CV to with the subject “Virtual Reality Consultant”