Meta Quest Pro Hire

The Meta Quest Pro is the flagship standalone headset, being the go to headset for the very best of VR Hire experiences. It uses 12GB of RAM and runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chip, which is a 50% performance improvement compared to the Quest 2’s processor. These facts combined ensure any application running on the Quest Pro VR hire will feel fluid and realistic.

One of the major new features on the Meta Quest Pro is the face and eye tracking capabilities. The Meta Quest pro has inward-facing sensors to detect facial expressions and where your eyes are looking, making your avatar look more natural during your virtual interactions with other users. Eye tracking can also be used to detect locations to boost image quality using foveated rendering. Eye tracking can also be used as an input, which allows you to interact with virtual content based on where you’re looking.

Another standout feature of the Meta Quest Pro is the full-colour Pass-through. With this feature, the Quest Pro provides you with a more perceptually comfortable, high-fidelity, real-time representation of the physical world around you. The full-colour Pass-through feature allows for seamless integration of a physical keyboard with your VR hire experience. It also allows for interaction with other people in the same space as a part of a collaborative experience, great for a collaborative vr event.

A new generation of controller tracking was released with the Meta Quest Pro; now each controller comes with its own Snapdragon 662 mobile processor, allowing it to calculate its own position, which relieves load on the headset allowing for better performance. Additionally, each controller comes with TruTouch haptic feedback and precision pinch motion to create a more intuitive VR feel, so the controllers act like natural extensions of your hands.

To summarise, the Meta Quest Pro is a powerful virtual reality headset that offers many new premium features over past models, providing an exemplary experience for all users when looking for a premium VR hire event.

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