Metaverse Options For Your Organisation

Helping You Make Sense Of the Metaverse

The Metaverse has become a focal point within the media, generating discussions on its implications for organisations and the diverse array of “Metaverse” options available. Presently, these Metaverse platforms are competing for dominance, with each offering slightly differing experiences. Furthering this, they operate as distinct ecosystems, each possessing unique strengths, use cases, and functionalities, creating a complex landscape to navigate.

Our role at VRE is to simplify this complexity with guidance on the relevance of these platforms to your organisation and providing strategic insights on leveraging the Metaverse’s potential across diverse applications. This spans areas such as retail, training, recreation, meetings, events, team building, workshops, and brand building.

For organisations operating in a remote capacity, the Metaverse presents a compelling case. Our research demonstrates potential savings of over 50% compared to traditional face-to-face interactions, all while maintaining high levels of engagement.

Consequently, in order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the Metaverse, we consistently run pilot programs. These programs allow organisations to experience firsthand the effectiveness and functionality of the Metaverse. If you are interested in exploring the transformative possibilities, do not hesitate to reach out to our consulting team for detailed information on our pilot programs.

Metaverse Consulting

Due to most clients having little to no experience with VR, we begin with an “exploratory” session and guide them through a range of Metaverse worlds. This is because VR needs to be experienced in order to be fully understood, therefore we dive straight into VR with the VR headsets, allowing for the client to fully understand what the metaverse is and how it can be applied.

International Support

Our VR Hire hubs are located across the US, EU, UK, China, and Singapore, ensuring that we have the reach necessary to deliver these services around the globe. Additionally, the VRE team is internationally spread, allowing for further support in local languages.

Hardware Choices

VRE is platform and hardware agnostic, meaning that we use the best platform and hardware that meets the clients project aims. This hardware technology can change quickly with the ever-evolving modern world, therefore we ensure to stay at the forefront of the advancing technology.

We have worked closely with Virtual Reality Experiences on having an executive group meeting in VR. Despite being VR users ourselves before, we were impressed by their VR hire services and their expertise running such experiences at scale. We also embraced their suggestions on what type of demos shall we use to make sure that first time users of VR will get an amazing memorable experience while at the same time understand the clear enterprise use cases of such applications.

Remus Radvan, Head of Scouting and Venture Capital Ecosystem at Wayra UK, Telefonica’s venture arm.

The Benefits of using Metaverse Technology

Embracing Metaverse technology offers a plethora of benefits for businesses, transcending traditional boundaries and providing new realms of possibilities.

Key Benefits:

Diverse Applications

The Metaverse presents a multitude of use cases, known as Metaverse cases, from enhancing customer engagement and employee training to facilitating immersive virtual events and meetings.

Strategic Positioning

Companies that integrate metaverse technology demonstrate a forward-thinking approach, positioning themselves as innovators in their respective industries.

Flexibility in Options

The evolving Metaverse landscape provides a range of options, allowing businesses to tailortheir approach based on specific needs and objectives.

Enhanced Collaboration

Metaverse technology fosters collaboration by providing a virtual space for teams to interact, collaborate on projects, and conduct meetings, transcending geographical constraints.

Improved Customer Experiences

Businesses leveraging the Metaverse can create interactive and personalised experiences for their customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Training and Development

Utilising the Metaverse for employee training enhances effectiveness, offering immersive simulations and real-world scenarios.

Brand Building

Establishing a presence in the Metaverse allows companies to build and reinforce their brand in innovative and engaging ways.

As businesses navigate the Metaverse landscape, careful consideration of Metaverse options, staying updated on evolving Metaverse technology, and strategically aligning with a Metaverse company can unlock transformative possibilities and secure a competitive edge in the digital era.

Metaverse Use Cases

The Metaverse is a dynamic landscape reshaping business operation across industries, offering a variety of applications and Metaverse cases. From immersive virtual events and collaborative meetings to advanced employee training and innovative brand-building experiences, Metaverse technology is at the forefront of digital transformation. Exploring Metaverse options encounter a rich tapestry of possibilities, each presenting unique strategic advantages. As the Metaverse evolves, strategic alignment with a forward-thinking Metaverse company becomes paramount to effectively navigate and leverage the latest advancements in Metaverse technology. Whether enhancing customer experiences, fostering team collaboration, or establishing a distinctive brand presence, the Metaverse provides a sophisticated platform for businesses to pioneer new frontiers.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing VRE means integrating your business seamlessly with cutting-edge Metaverse technology. We specialise in deciphering the diverse Metaverse landscape, pinpointing the Metaverse cases which align precisely with your goals in mind. Think of us as your Metaverse guides, committed to staying at the forefront of evolving technologies. However, we are not just about navigating the Metaverse; we elevate employees’ experiences, streamline team collaboration, and craft a standout Metaverse presence. With VRE, it is not merely a partnership, but rather a journey where your business leverages Metaverse technology to pioneer new frontiers in the digital realm.

Metaverse Events

Due to our expertise in VR events, we have facilitated popular events for some of the largest companies in the world. In order to accomplish this, we have a large VR events team to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day.

There are three key elements to our VR events service:

  • Exceptional VR Hire logistics to guarantee all hardware arrives early and safely.
  • Our skilled orientations team to ensure all delegates are ready for the event with one-to-one orientation sessions.
  • VRE’s friendly and tech savvy events team on the day working in the Metaverse to welcome your teams, guests, and clients to the event space, providing a memorable, exciting experience for them.

Times since the coronavirus outbreak have proved to be challenging, especially for geographically dispersed teams. Moreover, online conferencing has become the new normal. This got us to question and challenge: How can we bring our project team dispersed across 10+ countries together to celebrate the achievement of an important milestone?

This is when we sought out new means of collaboration and chose Virtual Reality Experiences (VRE) to support us in organizing a first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality Event within our function.

With their expertise, we were able to create a new immersive experience for our team by organizing a corporate-themed conference in VR along with fun and interactive team-building activities whilst learning about the future potential of mixed reality experiences. Delivering keynote speeches in a fully-customized environment, sharing recognition, playing team paintball, and even eating pizza ‘virtually’ were some of our highlights!

Moreover, given that this was the first VR experience for most of us, their hands-on support for the VR hire, onboarding, set-up, and training on the headset was seamless over and above managing the shipment of the headsets to worldwide participants within a two-week timeframe across the globe.

Thank you Mark, Ros, Camila, Alex, Jordan, and the wider VRE Team for making our first virtual team-building experience a memorable one!

Nadia EL Houari, Global Head of New Products Introduction at BAT