Multiplayer Augmented Reality for your Event or Team Building

We like to use the term multi-lens for our AREx™ platform, in the same way multiplayer VR is extremely engaging, we decided to bring multiplayer to Hololens events for the same reasons. Being social creatures by nature nothing is more engaging than working with others to solve challenging problems, and using holograms to do so creates additional opportunities for challenging delegates in novel ways.

Designed by our in-house psychologists and game developers, we have built our AREx™ platform to be firstly fun and engaging. So it is ideal for VR events, but also where required it can be used for learning and development outcomes for your teams on VR team building days.

As per our VR multiplayer platform, AREx™ can be custom-tailored to your VR Event or VR Team Building day. Our development team can help you create a bespoke VR experience such as:

  • Branding the VR experience with your own imagery and logos.
  • Creating new challenges or levels that test a particular specialism of your team or development area.
  • Adding additional tools or functionality relevant to your company or VR event.
  • Changing the environment to suit your company sector or VR event.