Multiplayer Virtual Reality for Your Event or Team Building 2018-01-22T18:47:20+00:00

Multiplayer Virtual Reality for your Event or Team Building

Multiplayer Virtual Reality adds an extra dimension to your VR event or VR Team Building,  bringing people together for shared experiences and learning.

VR is a great experience, but this amazing experience is magnified several times when you introduce the element of social cooperation.  We are social creatures by nature, and our psychologists and game designers have carefully developed the VREx™ platform to allow users to work together, and in some instances be forced to work together to solve problems.

We know that fun in learning is important, so the VREx™platform has been designed to be extremely engaging.  For this reason it is suitable for both short events and also team building, and we can discuss with you which part of the platform is relevant for your needs.

As the platform is our own, we can also offer extensive branding and bespoking, so unlike “off the shelf” licensed solutions, we can work with you to add any of the following:

  • Branding the VR experience with your own imagery and logos.
  • Creating new challenges or levels that test a particular specialism of your team or development area.
  • Adding additional tools or functionality relevant to your company or VR event.
  • Changing the environment to suit your company sector or VR event.
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