Pimax Crystal Hire

The Pimax Crystal is the leading headset for outstanding virtual experiences; delivering unparalleled performance for standalone applications, yet standing as the kingpin for what tethered VR can be.

The main selling point of the Pimax crystal hire is the sublime display. It manages to pack 2880 x 2880 pixels per eye, almost 5x the total clarity of other standalone headsets such as the Meta Quest 2. This leads to utterly unrivalled optics, creating a true to life experience for all users. At 42 pixels per degree, it reaches 70% of the resolution of the human limit. Another feature that enhances the realism of application is the cosmic 160 hz refresh rate, guaranteeing any experience with the Pimax Crystal Hire will provide an unparalleled connection to the virtual world.

Adding to the Pimax’s incredible display is the integration of QLED and Mini-LED technology, providing the best of both worlds. On top of that, with Pimax’s new high dynamic range algorithm, the headset can push past colour limitations on normal displays. The Pimax Crystal uses advanced aspheric glass lenses which provide a multitude of advantages compared to rival poly lenses. Such as, that glass lenses allow for 99% light transmittance, compared to 85-90% on normal poly lenses. Pimax lenses also adopt a new 3 layer coating process: An anti blue light layer coating removes 99% of blue light, another dust proof coating reduces dust adhesion to the lenses, and an anti reflective coating reduces reflections.

To keep up with the Pimax Crystal’s outstanding resolution, it utilises industry leading processor performance. Armed with a Snapdragon XR2 Platform, the Pimax Crystal is designed for efficient power consumption, ensuring long battery life for user experiences. Additionally, the chip includes advanced AI capabilities that allow for real-time processing of VR and XR content, enabling the creation of more immersive and interactive experiences. The Pimax Crystal introduces a feature called dynamic foveated rendering which is a technology that significantly improves the quality of VR experiences by reducing the computational burden of VR systems. The concept behind dynamic foveated rendering is based on the idea that the human eye is capable of perceiving more detail in the centre of the visual field compared to the peripheral vision. By tracking the user’s gaze, dynamic foveated rendering adjusts the rendering quality in real-time based on where the user is looking, delivering high-quality graphics in the user’s focus area while reducing the graphics quality in areas that are less important. This results in significant performance improvements, enabling VR devices to deliver more immersive and interactive experiences.

The Pimax Crystal features many other quality of life features such as automatic IPD adjustment using built in motors, spatial audio integration to improve auditory experiences, and colour passthrough to include AR capabilities.

In summary, the Pimax Crystal delivers some of the best VR experiences available. From top notch displays to powerful processing equipment, it is ideal for cutting-edge VR hire.

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