Pimax Vision 8K Plus VR Hire

Experience one of the world’s most immersive VR headsets to date with our Pimax Vr hire.

Why is it unique?

This unusual headset has a very big USP, a 200 degrees field of view USP in fact. This is a first in the marketplace and makes the Pimax an interesting proposition, the latest headsets stunning 4K screens per eye and provides an amazing 200 degrees field of view and the tried-and-tested outside-in tracking provides a reliable and extremely accurate 6 degrees of freedom tracking. This VR headset presents a no-compromise experience from gaming to media consumption.

The display is what sets this headset apart from other premium VR headsets. It is one of the highest-fidelity headsets created thanks to its 3 subpixel CLPL displays, which provides incredible clarity and field of view. Pimax claims that these subpixels will allow for better contrast and deeper colours. The headset can also maintain a 90HZ refresh rate on its panels, which ensures smooth motion while moving around in VR. In addition, the headset can operate at 65, 72 and 90Hz refresh rate if required. This allows less powerful machines to render VR content to the headset and reduce tearing if the machine cannot keep up with the refresh rate of the headset.

The tech specifications

Unlike most VR headsets, the Pimax Vision 8K Plus supports intelligent video upscaling. To render two 4K video streams to the headset requires intense computing power, which means even high-end gaming systems will have a hard time rendering to the headset. To counteract this, Pimax has implemented an intelligent upscaling function so that video can be rendered at a lower resolution and upscaled to a much higher resolution, to appear as if it were natively rendering 8K footage. Pimax has put a lot of research into their upscale render as it was first seen on the original Pimax and has since been redesigned for the new Pimax Vision 8K Plus.

The Pimax Vision 8K Plus is an improvement on the previous Pimax 8K, with up to 15% better panel utilisation in the same field of view. This means that compared to the previous generation, the user can experience better fidelity in the headset allowing for a more immersive experience.

Its history

Both the original Pimax and the new Pimax Vision 8K Plus started as Kickstarter campaigns. The campaigns were a huge success raising over $4 Million – Which is massive in comparison to the target Pimax originally asked for: $200,000. This headset is clearly one of the most anticipated headsets of 2019/2020.

You will not be disappointed in your Pimax Vision 8K Plus VR hire as it offers truly high fidelity, premium comfort and generation-defining VR experience.
Setup couldn’t be easier: the Pimax Vision 8K Plus builds on the trusted Steam-VR platform that enables thousands of compatible games and experiences. If you’re looking to use the most immersive VR experience currently available you can hire the Pimax Vision 8K Plus today.


Like most PC-Based VR Headsets, the Pimax comes with integrated headphones or you may use your earphones/headphones. In addition, Pimax have redesigned their head strap to include a modular audio strap and large facial interface named. This allows for better comfort and swappable audio solutions to suit your needs.

Unlike most major VR Headsets, the Pimax offers an optional eye-tracking feature. This is used to produce an extremely focused and high-fidelity image in areas the viewer’s eyes are gazed at while decreasing the graphics load in the other areas of the display where the user is not looking. This allows for an extremely detailed image where the viewer’s eyes are focused.

Specs required for Pimax VR Hire

Due to the nature of the high-resolution display and refresh rate, we recommend you also hire a high-end gaming laptop. You can hire either a GTX 1070, GTX 1080 or RTX 2060 laptop for use with this headset. If you are going to provide your PC hardware for the Pimax 8K Plus hire, then the minimum PC specifications are:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 / GTX 1070 or Above
  • PU: Intel I5-9400 or Above
  • RAM: 8GB or More
  • Outputs: USB 3.0 Ports and Display Port 1.2 or Higher.

Pimax Vision 8K Plus VR Hire for VR Events and Development

The Pimax Vision 8K Plus is excellent for VR events. If you’re looking for the most immersive experience with the wow factor for your clients, the Pimax Vision 8K Plus is the perfect VR Hire for your event. Call VRE today to enquire about your Pimax Vision 8K Plus hire.

We have experienced developers who can design, develop and showcase a range of experiences for your Pimax Vision 8K Plus hire. Whether you’re about to launch a new product, advertisement or even a specialised training experience, our experts can guide you through the process and offer a streamlined service. Get in touch today about your Pimax Vision 8K Plus hire along with our other services.