Seasonal VR Multiplayer Experiences

We have also developed our own range of seasonal Multiplayer VR experiences which have been designed for fun events where the emphasis is on instant action, easy to play fun experiences, which can be competitive or collaborative.

Our multiplayer VR experiences can be set up in any location at any kind of event and offer true VR multiplayer challenges.

As these are our own VR experiences, we can brand them as much as you need, we can also change the design, change functionality or add any other elements you wish to the VR experience.

VR hire

All the VR Hire is included in the day package and you can have 2 to 4 players in the multiplayer VR experience at the same time per VR set up.

Easter Egg Shootout

This competitive multiplayer VR experience is an Easter egg extravaganza, track down those Easter eggs as fast as you can, you are not the only Easter Bunny though on the hunt, armed with your trusty giant carrot freeze your opponents to get extra time to find those eggs.

Up to 6 Players at a time can enter the Easter Village, players have 5 minutes to collect as many points as they can.

Halloween Pumpkin Chaos

This collaborative VR experience puts players in a ghoulish Halloween town where the team has to collect as many pumpkins as they can while fending off various creatures and ghouls of the night.

6 players at a time can work together to defend the small village of Helmsville against the Halloween army, but to survive you will need to collect as many pumpkins as you can to keep your team going.

Christmas Elf Rescue

It’s Christmas and something has happened to the Elves, they have all disappeared.

It’s up to you and your team of Santa’s to find as many Elves as you can in Christmas town, collect and rescue all the elves as quickly as you can.

This fun and light-hearted Christmas VR experience places 4-6 players in a Christmas village where they have to collect all the Elves while ensuring they don’t get ‘frozen” by other competing players or some of the creatures roaming the Christmas themed town.