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Virtual Reality Psychological Design

We believe in bringing psychology and virtual reality together, that these two fields are in fact complementary and will in time become an additional branch of psychology.   This combination allowing clients to develop and train staff in new hyper realistic ways, ways which are not practical or feasible in our normal realities.

So how can clients benefit from this?  Well we already know that VR can trigger the same physiological reactions and behaviours as per real situations.  So as a training environment it is well suited as long as the VR design supports best psychology/training practice.

Our own psychologists have extensive backgrounds in Occupational (Business) Psychology and training.  We also work closely with clinical psychologists so whatever your organisational needs, we can design and develop VR applications that have a solid underpinning in psychological theory and practice.

VR for Training / Learning and Development

VR is well suited to learning and development applications, it allows:

  • Trainees to learn and practice new skills, develop knowledge or even change behaviours.
  • Training at any location at any time.
  • Mistakes to be made and learned from effectively and safely.
  • Assessment of performance, feedback and scoring.
  • Learning in an engaging and fun way, that drives retention and training transfer.

Organisations can quickly and easily train new staff, assess their trainability, their potential development needs.  With an API these results could also be fed straight into a Learning Management System, to show who has been trained and how well they demonstrated their knowledge and skills.

VR can be applied to most training environments and applications, ranging from skills, knowledge or even more behaviour related training such as leadership.

As per our L&D background, we approach any VR training design project with a clear focus on the learning and how VR can support this, not the other way around, and we will tell clients where we think VR adds value and where we think it doesn’t.

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Wellbeing and Stress

  • Wellbeing
  • Stress reduction
  • Mindfulness training

Having designed wellness programmes for large organisations we know how VR can be used to support employees and clients.

Typical applications include:

VR Mindfulness Training – creating guided VR experiences that allow employees to learn and practice the basics of mindfulness meditation, and practice in an environment conducive to developing these metacognitive skills.

VR Wellbeing Experiences – For people less mobile or elderly, the well researched benefits of being outdoors in nature and forests can be replicated and offered to those unable to explore the outside world easily.  Extensive research is now being conducted with promising early results, with applications for elderly in care homes, submariners, patients recovering in hospital or any group with limited access to the outside world.

Check out our new Virtual Reality Wellbeing Programmes for Organisations here.

Clinical Psychology Applications

Despite being a relatively new field, there is already extensive evidence and academic research demonstrating the effectiveness of VR for a range of clinical applications.

  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Depression

We are able to build tailored VR experiences for a broad range of clinical purposes and are also happy to discuss research opportunities to further validate clinical approaches using VR.