Elevating the Thrill Factor with Our Virtual Reality Hire Service

Our virtual reality hire service brings you a riveting, boundary-pushing journey into virtual worlds, supercharging events with captivating, high-impact interactive experiences.

Shapeshifting Events Through Virtual Reality

The power of Virtual Reality to captivate and amaze has proven transformative for event design. For corporate occasions, private functions, or festive gatherings, the addition of VR creates a stimulating environment that immerses guests in a vivid, engaging sensory experience. VR allows a wide range of experiences to be used at the same event with different experiences available at the click of a button to suit all delegates’ interests and tastes.

Distinctive Elements of Our Virtual Reality Hire Service

Our virtual reality hire service is distinguished by a trinity of strengths – advanced technology, an eclectic range of content, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide state-of-the-art VR equipment, ensuring a smooth, immersive experience. A wide-ranging content library lets you choose from an array of VR experiences to align with your event’s theme and vision. We have a large VR events team so we can ensure the ratio of staff to equipment is always high for the best client experience.

Leap Into the Awe-inspiring World of VR

Virtual Reality allows users to step into digitally created, three-dimensional realms. VR Hire Service lets your guests embark on an incredible, unforgettable journey through these realms.

We often create amazing scenes in VR for clients that are branded with their logo, and colour schemes and tailored to their product or service. Using Tilt Brush, for example, we have helped Audi launch their electric car in the UK with an incredible forest of light experience, guests could then add to the scene and draw with light in a very interactive experience.

Delving into the Technology Powering Our VR

We employ top-tier hardware and software in our VR offering. Our VR headsets deliver a high-definition, lag-free visual experience with upgraded straps providing a very comfortable fit, thus facilitating a seamless immersion into the virtual universe. We can provide a very diverse software portfolio as we partner with a large number of VR software providers so can offer a huge variety of virtual experiences, from adrenaline-fueled games to tranquil scenic landscapes and educational simulations.

Unforgettable Escapades: The Magic of VR

Beyond the technology, VR offers the power to create lasting memories. By availing of a VR hire service, your guests can traverse multiple realities, participate in thrilling adventures, or engage with virtual entities powered by AI. Such experiences do more than entertain; they can evoke emotions, elevating your event to something quite meaningful. VR and 360 video have long been used to educate around emotive topics such as climate change to show first-hand the damage we are doing to our planet.

Tailor-made VR Experiences for Your Attendees

A standout feature of our Virtual Reality Hire Service is its customisability. We acknowledge the unique nature of each event and will work with you to provide VR experiences that seamlessly align with your event’s objectives. We can often suggest better and more creative ways of achieving your objectives that have the most impact at your VR event.

Make an Impact with Unconventional VR Experiences

VR can offer things not possible in the real world. Our own VR team assessment allows us to test and analyse teams in completely novel and unconventional situations that they would never get to experience normally. VR offers a huge range of these unconventional experiences that really allow you to offer something different at your event.

Case Studies: Events Amplified by Our VR Hire Service

Our prior engagements illuminate the efficacy of our virtual reality hire service in enhancing events. Here are a couple of illustrative examples.

Corporate Events Transformed by VR: How to Engage Your Network

Working with Gamma they wanted to engage their distribution network in a completely new way, our VR event design allowed us to provide a fun and engaging experience but also collect information at the same time.

We designed a short questionnaire in the experience that captured important information about their network all while they were having fun in a VR world.

“The VRE team were extremely helpful and really easy to work with. They built and delivered an excellent game and were very professional with the facilitation of VR at our recent event.”
Rebecca Waite – Partner Campaigns Manager


Making Company Celebrations More Memorable with VR

We have helped many a company celebrate their 20 years, 50 years or in the case of Barclays 100 years in Monaco. Our VR event team travelled to the south of France to deliver a beautiful VR experience capturing all the major landmarks in Monaco and showcased this personally to Prince Albert of Monaco.
This helped Barclays celebrate 100 years of serving clients in this prestigious location in a unique and innovative way that captured all the guests’ imagination, most of whom had never tried VR before.