It seems that each time a new VR headset is launched, industry insiders become giddy with the prospect of the new piece of kit heralding a “VR revolution” that sees mainstream consumers and Luddites adopting the technology at scale.

Could the new Oculus Quest, the first high-spec all-in-one VR system finally be ‘the one’?

With its tether-less design, the Oculus Quest forgoes the mildly hazardous cables, as well as the previously required PC – in favour of building all of the computational power into the device itself.

With no need for additional hardware, a ‘set it up anywhere’ approach, and it’s intuitive Insight Tracking feature, there’s a lot going for the new package that arrived on May 21st.

But as with the launch of any new VR system, there’s no point getting your hands on the latest tech if you don’t have any decent games to play on it!

Fortunately, there will be more than 50 titles to choose from at launch. Can’t decide what to try first? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because the VRE Team have picked our five of the best options to kick off your Oculus Quest journey.

Beat Saber

Having now passed more than a million units sold on wired headset models, VR rhythm game Beat Saber is already a smash hit.

Similar to Guitar Hero, the player is required to perform actions in time to a backing track, but in this game you’re slicing up neon boxes with a lightsaber – all in very satisfying fashion it must be said.

It can get pretty intense on the game’s hardest difficult setting, and some had concerns that the Oculus Quest system’s tracking would struggle to keep up. However, early reviews have reported no such issues. It’s also the first headset to run the game naively, with all features, modes and music included at launch.


Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

The original Drop Dead debuted on Gear VR before being ported to the Rift, and quickly gained many fans over the quality of the game play, smooth frame rates and it’s overall silliness.

The Dual Strike Edition is set to take the title to the next level by allowing the user to wield two weapons, including melee varieties for the first time, thanks to the capabilities of the new Touch Controllers.

What’s also new is the ability to dodge and duck under attacks from enemies as the game now makes use of the Oculus Quest’s six degrees of freedom.



Polyarc’s critically-acclaimed VR adventure title Moss is coming to Quest – with a whole new chapter to enjoy. Called Twilight Garden, it offers new weapons, locations, puzzles and enemies.

The recipient of more than 80 industry awards and nominations, Moss tells the story of Quill, a mouse on a mission to save their uncle. As well as controlling Quill, the player uses their own actions to manipulate the game world and assist the main character in their quest.

Moss was great fun on the Rift, VIVE and PSVR with its gorgeous game world and enjoyable puzzles and battles. With the addition of the new content we believe it’s well worth another play through.


Sports Scramble

Since the Nintendo Wii, there hasn’t really been a gaming system that’s succeeded in bringing the whole family together. Its Wii Sports package in particular managed to do just that, but 13 years later we’re still waiting for something to knock it off its perch.

Could Oculus Quest have what it takes to become the new king of communal gaming with Sports Scramble? If the system itself takes off in the way that Oculus are hoping then this new compilation could be the jewel in its crown.

Although you can only play tennis, baseball and bowling, what sets Scramble apart is its wacky game modifiers to mess with your opponent, such as rackets suddenly changing to golf clubs or a ball morphing into a fish. The tracking can make or break games like this too, but there are no such problems here, with the system responding precisely to even the most vigorous swings and swipes.


The Climb

One of best things about VR is that it allows you to simulate an exhilarating – even dangerous – activity, but in a safe virtual world and from the comfort of your own living room.

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t crazy enough to try and scurry up vertical cliff faces, but in The Climb, you get the chance to do just that.

The Climb offers one of the most beautiful visual environments ever created in VR. You clamber your way up a host of different surfaces, looking for the next handhold and trying not to fall, while taking in the luscious scenery. What makes this one extra interesting for Oculus Quest though, is how it will make use of the new Touch Controllers and their “realistic precision.”


So there you have it – five varying VR experiences for you to sample if you’re among the first to get your hands on the new headset.

What are you most looking forward to playing on the new Oculus Quest? Let us know in the Comments!