Tilt Brush Artists for your VR Event 2018-10-28T14:18:33+00:00

Tilt Brush Artists for your VR Event

Here at VRE our team particularly like Tilt Brush, it is so versatile and is a brilliant way to express your creativity.

It is particularly captivating watching someone skilled in its use quickly bring a scene or sketch to life, Tilt Brush artists can generate incredible scenes as an audience watches their work develop, often much quicker than we would expect.

That is the beauty of Tilt Brush.

We like to involve delegates and public in Tilt Brush and have our own budding artists in our team to instruct and guide event attendees so they can make the most of this VR event experience.

Sometimes clients will also want to wow their guests with a professional artist and so we have some artists in residence who are available to create at your event.

Please see below some examples of our partner artists work and if you would like to also book a Tilt Brush artist alongside your VR hire then we can help.