Tilt Brush Artists for your VR Event

Tilt Brush is a beautiful VR application from Google that allows users to create incredible 3D digital paintings, in the virtual world.

We offer Tilt Brush for your VR events, whether you’d like to offer a turn to your delegates or the public, or whether you’d prefer one of our resident professional artists to create artwork live for the audience.

Favoured by digital artists around the world, Tilt Brush allows even novice artists to don the VR headset and enjoy the self-expression of painting and the awesome power of VR, simultaneously.

Our experienced professional artists can quickly sketch out incredible scenes, taking advantage of the extra 3rd dimension, while an audience watch them move around their digital design on the big screen.

Here is a brief glimpse of some of the artwork that our resident artists have created in Tilt Brush.

Book Tilt Brush for your VR Event