Our VR Hire Hubs and Training Services are reinventing the learning landscape. By harnessing VR technology, we deliver hands-on, experiential learning in a virtual environment that mirrors real world collaborative learning. This combination of immersive technology and high impact short courses provides a meaningful and efficient learning journey that can be adapted for any training programme..

How is VR employed in learning?

Our training courses are all highly interactive, delegates can shake hands, highfive and work alongside each other when learning new topics or concepts on our courses. We like to use an “action learning” style approach with our training, so delegates share problems and solutions with each other, learning about best practice and how people in other locations or countries are solving the same problems.

Why is it going to replace some face to face training?

It is simply very flexible, as delegates are not traveling you can design training programmes in a much more creative way:

  • You can now use shorter sessions, to keep energy and learning fresh, delegates are not tired in the afternoon if the course is cognitively demanding. Instead you can break it down into shorter sessions.
  • It is easier to ensure training transfer, a few days after the training you can get delegates back together to share experiences, how did they apply their learning? What challenges did they face doing so? How did some of the group over come that?

In some respects VR allows more collaboration than traditional face to face training with collaborative tools and functionality not possible in a physical space.

How can VR contribute to employee development?

VR has a transformative effect on employee development. It creates immersive, interactive learning experiences that facilitate quick learning and skills enhancement. It also offers a safe environment for employees to experiment, make errors, and learn from them, the safe environment and disinhibition created by avatars also makes feedback more honest and transformative.

VR for Development of Soft Skills and Relationship Building

VR isn’t only beneficial for task-oriented learning; it’s equally impactful for honing soft skills. Complex interpersonal situations can be tested and explored using VR. Our own unique platform for example allows us to test teams and leaders in a dynamic way, constantly changing variables to stretch teams and their leaders a little bit further outside their comfort zones. This means they leak their real behavioural preferences when the pressure is on. In the subsequent reviews (often in still in VR) we can explore the team dynamic, the communication and leadership styles and help build more robust teams that truly understand how they communicate and work together best..

Advantages of Implementing Virtual Reality for Your Training Programmes

There are numerous advantages to adopting VR for your training programmes:

  • It is much cheaper, VR face to face can be from as little as £60 per delegate
  • We offer free VR hire when you use our training services, all you pay for is the training
  • As long as you book at least one course with us every 2 weeks you can hold onto the VR headsets, so you only pay for shipping once.
  • Our VR hire hubs are located all over the world, so we can deliver VR face to face training to most locations in the world, quickly and easily and most importantly, cost effectively. Our research shows VR face to face training is rated in a similar way to traditional face to face training. In addition delegates vastly preferred it over video training.
  • Our clients often describe training over video platforms as sub-optimal, delegates often have other windows open, their emails, their phones, or may even turn their camera off while they do other work at the same time. In VR we have 100% of their attention, they are totally focused on the training and their colleagues.

VR Across Various Sectors

VR’s versatility allows for application across numerous sectors. Healthcare professionals use VR to practice surgeries, while construction workers use it for safety education. Retailers employ VR for customer service education, and educational institutions use it for immersive learning experiences. The possibilities are infinite, continually expanding with each technological leap.

Virtual Reality Leadership Training

We offer a range of leadership training as follows:

  • Self directed learning, simulations covering a range of leadership and D&I scenarios, these allow your leaders to learn at their own pace
  • Leadership training, live training format, short impactful training across a range of important leadership topics, delivered in vr classrooms with colleagues, with a focus on sharing/pooling experiences and solutions within the group. This allows excellent relationship development and also shares best practice within the organisation at the same time
  • VR leadership and team assessment, our unique platform allows us to dynamically assess teams and their leaders with a wealth of data captured by the system which is then reviewed by the team to understand how they work and compare to more effective teams

Use our VR Hire services to Train your Own Trainers

Some clients have technical and process knowledge that they want to deliver themselves, they instead use our VR hire and facilitation services to help them run their own VR face to face training.

  • We can ship headsets to your delegates
  • We can train your trainers
  • We can orientate and get all your delegates ready
  • We then facilitate and run technical support during the sessions so your trainers can focus on what they do best