Virtual Interviews


Virtual Interviews offer a range of benefits over traditional interviews and with new VR and AR technology it brings a level of convenience and practicality even over traditional interviewing in some aspects.

  • Gain much greater insight into your candidates (over flat screen interviews) in a more natural VR environment where you can even walk up and shake hands with your candidates
  • Candidates can express themselves fully, stand up and walk around the room when presenting as in the real world
  • Additional functionality allowing candidates to present content, powerpoint, ideas in a virtual space that allows more creativity than the real world
  • Interview candidates in the same virtual room regardless of their location anywhere in the world
  • Save on travel and environmental costs when arranging interviews
  • See how candidates embrace and adapt to using this technology


  • For each of your candidates we send them a sterilised VR headset to their home address
  • We also send VR headsets to your recruitment team at the same time
  • We then schedule an orientation call with both groups to familiarise them with the headset and also the virtual interview software
  • On the day we work with your recruitment team and have staff facilitating in the VR space and also on site (if required)
  • After your interviews the candidates send the headsets back to us to be prepared for future rounds