Virtual Interviews


Meet remote candidates in a more engaging environment with Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews offer a range of benefits over traditional interviews and with new VR and AR technology it brings a level of convenience and practicality even over traditional interviewing in some aspects.

  • Gain much greater insight into your candidates (over flat screen interviews) in a more natural VR environment where you can even walk up and shake hands with your candidates
  • Candidates can express themselves fully, stand up and walk around the room when presenting as in the real world
  • Additional functionality allowing candidates to present content, powerpoint, ideas in a virtual space that allows more creativity than the real world
  • Interview candidates in the same virtual room regardless of their location anywhere in the world
  • Save on travel and environmental costs when arranging interviews
  • See how candidates embrace and adapt to using this technology


  • For each of your candidates we send them a sterilised VR headset to their home address
  • We also send VR headsets to your recruitment team at the same time
  • We then schedule an orientation call with both groups to familiarise them with the headset and also the virtual interview software
  • On the day we work with your recruitment team and have staff facilitating in the VR space and also on site (if required)
  • After your interviews the candidates send the headsets back to us to be prepared for future rounds

Combine Virtual Interviews with other Virtual Assessments all with the same VR Headset

Interviews are an important part of the selection process, also important is the ability to see how well they work with others and their approach in doing so. We are able to arrange additional selection activities using the headset so that your virtual interviews can be combined with group activities or other assessments relevant to important job related competencies.

Once the headset is delivered to your candidates you can arrange your normal interview process and on the same day once they have completed their interviews we can progress to group activities.


Virtual interviews offer a number of advantages in the current world environment, but using new technology in an effective way can also demonstrate to candidates that your organisation is forward looking, innovative and open to new ideas and ways of working.

Offering candidates the chance to find out more about you through a virtual window straight into your organisation, is a very effective way to showcase your culture and adaptability as an organisation.

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