Virtual Meetings, Events and Conferences


Virtual reality and mixed reality present some interesting ways to allow us to collaborate in meetings and also experience events in a more personal way that traditional mediums like teleconferencing do not allow.

We offer a range of services to allow companies to hold VR or XR meetings allowing individuals to still feel connected to their teams and colleagues.

We also offer options that facilitate larger scale events either in virtual spaces or as a 360 livestream.

We provide the hardware and consultancy support to enable you to pilot any of these options below at your organisation or event.


VR Meetings – Using VR Headsets

We are able to support company meetings in a virtual space allowing employees to meet and work together more naturally than over video conferencing, the level of presence being there helps keep teams connected and working together effectively.

To do this we recommend using Altspace, since their acquisition Microsoft they have moved the focus of their business over to meetings and live events and have made it a great platform for these kind of applications.

We send out headsets direct to each individual attending regular meetings and you can have one at your office to also allow office staff to connect to these meetings from the main location.

Each headset is preloaded with their details and account so it is easy for them to join meetings and be involved.

On delivery our teams will schedule a brief support call to check users know how to turn the headset on and attend meetings.

Private Rooms

Team members can meet in a designated private room for your organisation, we can brand this so the room matches your organisation and there are a variety of room types available with unlimited spaces.

Additional Controls

There are also additional controls so people can hand raise, mirror or use megaphone to speak to everyone at the same time.

Our Services

Altspace itself is free to use, we provide the consulting and hardware to allow you to set up your virtual meetings and train and prepare your staff in how to use the VR headsets provided.

Image courtesy of Altspace.


XR Meetings – Using Hololens Headsets and Spatial

An alternative is using Hololens + Spatial for virtual meetings, this allows all attendees to work together and collaborate using avatars derived from delegates real photos.

Spatial’s excellent system is truly ground breaking, allowing users to work together in a very natural way, teams can share ideas, search and drag images from the internet into the room with a simple gesture, and add content instantly from a PC or mobile phone.

It is free to register for their 4 user package, there is also an enterprise package for more than 4 users.

Additional information here –

How does our service work?

We can provide Hololens for up to 20 locations so employees from each location can meet in a much more natural way.

We would also train and help you set up Spatial at your organisation and test/train key users at each location who can manage this device at each location.

Talk to us now for a quote and how you can pilot this in your organisation.

Image courtesy of spatial.

Virtual Events and Conferences

There are two main options for running VR events and conferences as detailed below.


This platform is also ideal for larger scale events, with their “Front Row” technology users can also all be present at the front of the event a huge advantage when compared to real events.

There is also no real limit to the number of attendees to your event unless you anticipate more than 40,000 users.

In February 2020 due to the current outbreak of Corona virus they demonstrated the effectiveness of their platform running a major conference through which 6,000 delegates attended over 6 days with over 15,000,000 miles of travel avoided and the corresponding impact on the environment.

There are now extensive events available on Altspace every day covering topics from mindfulness to Unity programming, with the system allowing you to add and create your own events and also choose the environment and controls set up of your event.

Additional information on Altspace can be obtained here:

How does our service work?

We provide the consultancy and hardware to set up your event, logistics for hardware to be sent out to delegates, test and also facilitate on the day to support your virtual event.

360 Live streaming

Another option for events is 360 live streaming. This allows users to attend events and observe and to be able to look around, this could be music events, speaker events, comedy events, conferences or any large company events such as new product launches etc.

How does our service work?

We provide the consultancy and hardware to set up your 360 livestream, logistics for hardware to be sent out to delegates so they can view the 360 livestreamed event, test and also facilitate on the day to support your 360 virtual event.