Virtual Meetings, Events and Conferences

Virtual reality and mixed reality have emerged as a game-changing approach to meetings and events, offering an immersive experience beyond traditional video conferencing. 

Our company offers a wide range of services, including VR hire and consultancy, to allow organisations to hold VR and XR meetings and virtual reality conferences. These innovations make individuals feel deeply engaged with their teams and colleagues, even when physically distant.

We also provide options that facilitate large-scale virtual business meetings in immersive VR spaces or through 360° livestreams.

Our dedicated team supplies the essential hardware and expert guidance needed to pilot virtual reality conferencing and meetings at your company.

VR Meetings – Using VR Headsets

We fully support company meetings in VR environments, where employees can interact more naturally than they would through video calls. This heightened sense of presence fosters effective teamwork and enhances productivity.

Our preferred platform for such virtual meetings is AltspaceVR. Since Microsoft’s acquisition of Altspace, the platform has been optimised for multiplayer VR meetings and events, boasting intuitive controls that ensure seamless participation.

To facilitate these meetings in virtual reality, we send VR headsets directly to each attendee, and we can also provide a headset for your office to enable office staff to connect to these virtual meetings from your main location.

Each headset comes preloaded with user account details for effortless access. 

Additionally, our team schedules onboarding calls to ensure that everyone can quickly become proficient in turning on the headset and attending VR meetings.

Private Rooms for Secure VR Meetings

Your team members can meet in a designated private room for your organisation. We can brand this so the room matches your organisation, and there are a variety of room types available with unlimited spaces.

Additional Controls for Enhanced VR Meetings

In our virtual reality meetings, there are also additional controls so people can hand raise, mirror or use the megaphone to speak to everyone at the same time.

Our Services for Smooth VR Meetings

Altspace is a free-to-use VR platform. We provide consulting and hardware to help you set up your VR conferencing and virtual meetings. We also train and prepare your staff on how to use the VR headsets we provide. 

Image courtesy of Altspace.


As psychologists and experts in human interaction, we highly recommend MeetinVR for virtual business meetings. Among the many platforms available, MeetinVR stands out due to its intuitive tools for collaboration. New users can quickly become effective participants in virtual meetings, making it an ideal choice for today’s socially distanced and remote working environment.

Clients often express that they feel as if they’ve spent the afternoon with their colleagues after using MeetinVR. Its unparalleled sense of presence and collaborative capabilities cannot be matched by traditional video conferencing platforms.

MeetinVR specialises in enterprise VR collaboration. Founded to push the technological boundaries for business meetings, whether among distributed teams or in client-facing activities, MeetinVR offers feature-packed virtual rooms designed to enhance productivity, engagement, connection and fun during collaboration.

The platform is equipped with all the features and tools required for the perfect meeting environment to improve collaboration and connection. New features include state-of-the-art 3D solutions for brainstorming, as well as sketching, presenting and prototyping tools to empower users to achieve their goals together.

How to Host Virtual Events and Conferences?

Our VR hire service offers limitless possibilities for hosting engaging events and conferences

Altspace for Scalable Events

AltspaceVR excels at facilitating large-scale VR conferences and events. The Front Row feature ensures that every attendee can enjoy premium front-row access, a significant advantage over physical events.

There are virtually no limits to event size, as demonstrated when AltspaceVR successfully hosted a major VR AR conference with over 6,000 delegates over six days. This event alone resulted in the avoidance of over 15,000,000 miles of travel and associated emissions.

Altspace already features an extensive array of daily public events spanning topics from mindfulness to Unity programming.

By utilising our VR hire service, you can easily create and customise your event environment and access controls to align with your brand’s identity.

Additional information on Altspace can be obtained here:

How does our service work?

We provide the consultancy and hardware to set up your event, logistics for hardware to be sent out to delegates, test and also facilitate on the day to support your virtual event.

360 Live streaming

For a more broadcast-style event, consider 360° live streaming. This option enables attendees to observe and explore the event space as if they were physically present. It’s an ideal format for music events, speaker sessions, comedy events, VR business meetings, conferences, and major company events such as new product launches.

How does our service work?

We provide the consultancy and hardware to set up your 360 livestream, logistics for hardware to be sent out to delegates so they can view the 360 livestreamed event, test and also facilitate on the day to support your 360 virtual event.

Why choose us for your VR meeting and conferencing needs?

Cutting-Edge VR Technology

Our commitment to staying ahead ensures you benefit from the latest VR advancements. We provide redefined, immersive meeting experiences using meticulously selected hardware and software.

Seamless Workflow Integration

We make adopting new technology smooth. Our solutions easily integrate with your existing workflow so you can focus on your work.

Completely Immersive Meetings

It will feel like sharing a room with your team, regardless of location. These environments are designed to take engagement and collaboration to the next level.

Fundamentally Enhance Communication

Imagine how much VR can improve team communication and collaboration. Remote colleagues will connect almost as if physically together. Meetings become more productive, engaging, and fun! We create custom VR spaces tailored to how your organisation communicates.

Applications Tailored to Your Industry

Whether healthcare, education, business, or another industry, we’ll tailor your VR solution to your unique needs. We craft packages optimised for you so VR integrates seamlessly into your workflows.

Secured Information & Privacy

We prioritise data security and privacy, ensuring your VR meetings are secure. You can trust us to safeguard sensitive information.