Bring a New Dimension to Your Gatherings with Our VR Hire

VR is tailor made for events, it allows a whole new range of options for delegate experiences as you are not limited by the physical space of your venue or room. Guests may be seated on a chair but could be on the moons of Saturn, bottom of the sea or a fantasy land. Push the boundaries of traditional gatherings by integrating our Virtual Reality Hire service. Transform passive attendees into active participants with immersive VR experiences.

Why Choose Virtual Reality for Your Company Events?

There are three main reasons you should consider VR hire for your events.

  • Accessibility – anyone can attend a VR music event, you don’t have to get trains to distant venues, march across muddy fields or queue for hours to get home. Some people may find accessing these venues difficult and this means everyone can attend
  • Attend from home – if your workers are spread across the country or even around the world, this is a great way for teams to meet, relax, share an experience and build those important social bonds that are so often lacking in fully or partially remote teams. We can ship VR headsets to other offices or home addresses and get them quickly and easily set up
  • It expands the range of experiences, there is a rapidly expanding menu of live music, sporting and vr game events, something for everyone in your team. If you use our VR hire you can bring your teams together every day during your time with the headsets.

Inside the Technology of Our VR Hire

We use the latest VR headsets and have a range of VR equipment depending on the experience and content being used.

We provide high quality over ear headphones for VR events so guests/delegates can experience the audio fully, even if in a busy shared room.

We also provide power banks for each headset, so no need to be plugged into power, each guest can enjoy their experience without worry about a low battery warning.

Our VR Hire service boasts the latest technology, ensuring your gathering is both innovative and unforgettable.

Navigating Our Advanced VR Gear With 1st Class Support From Our VR Facilitators

We provide the latest VR headsets, featuring high-definition displays, minimal latency, and ergonomic designs for comfort.

Our VR equipment also includes intuitive hand controllers, allowing easy interaction within the VR world.

However the most important part of our service is actually provided by our team, our well trained and very experienced VR facilitators.

If on-site – Our team will set up the room, the VR equipment, we will visit your location and test the wifi before the event and liaise with your IT teams. We make sure everyone can put their headsets on comfortably, know how to use the controls and have a great and safe experience.
If remote – Our orientation team will schedule a call with each delegate to get them “VR Ready” once orienated they are good to go and enter the amazing VR experiences set up for them

Integrating VR in Your Company Keynotes

Some client have wanted to bring their teams together for an important celebration or milestone in the organisation. With teams spread across Asia, Europe, US a lot of the time is is not practical to do this. With VR events not only is this easy to do but you can make the event much more fun and collaborate with features, experiences not possible in the real world.

One client had over 50 delegates attend from South America, US, Europe and Asia all attending in the same amazing space, they simply would not have been able to do this in the real world.

Bespoke VR Scenarios for Memorable Gatherings

We create VR scenarios tailored to enhance the theme and goals of your assembly, creating an immersive and memorable experience for attendees.

Developing Customised VR Scenarios for Your VR Events

Barclays Monaco 100 Years

We recently helped Barclays celebrate 100 years in Monaco, this was an onsite event with one our VR Artists creating an amazing rendition of Monaco’s key landmarks all in one evening, live on stage. This 3 dimensional art work could then be explore by guests later in the evening allowing them to walk into and through a piece of art, something that is hard to comprehend and is equally amazing.

The CEO of Barclays Monaco Gérald Mathieu- interviews our VR artist here –

Helping Audi Launch Their New Electric Q3

We recently helped Audi launch their new electric car at a prestigious event with the magic of VR.

To make the experience more interactive we create a magical VR space to reflect the eco theme of the event and branded it. Guests were then able to interact with and add the VR environment using a range of fun tools to express their own artistic instincts in a fun and very engaging way.



Whatever Your VR Event, We Can Help

If you have an idea for an event, talk to us, we can let you know if it is feasible, how to make it run smoothly and what works best.

We love to talk about VR, we can also come to your office and demo experiences as this really accelerates understanding of how amazing it is as an experience and the options available. Talk to us today to discuss your upcoming events.