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Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training

Leadership Development Using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality training isn’t just for health and safety and industrial training, it can also be used to develop important soft skills like leadership.

Having developed leadership programmes before the advent of VR we are able to see clearly how these skills can be developed using this technology and genuinely add value and something new to leadership development.

Virtual reality allows us to challenge and develop your leaders in completely new ways, scenarios and situations that are impossible to create in the real world.

It also enables us to ensure that everyone leads and not the “usual suspects” by taking advantage of the way virtual reality works. This way everyone gets to develop their leadership “muscles” and potential with VR letting us level the leadership playing field.

If you would like to discuss how VR based leadership programmes can help develop these important skills in your organisation then get in touch and we will be pleased to discuss how a programme can be developed for your organisation.

Support and Resources for your VR training programmes

VRE have significant hardware and technical resources, we can provide VR hire and long term VR leasing for any VR training you implement. In addition our teams can run all your VR training sessions and programmes or we can help you train and resource your own staff to run your VR training internally.