VR Team Building Learning & Development

Get Ready To Be Transformed

Get Ready To Be Transformed

Alongside our fun VR fun team building days we can also offer some truly engaging VR learning and development, VR can place your teams in completely new experiences, that besides being incredibly fun also stretch and develop them in ways traditional team building cannot.

Our VR learning-development professionals and Business Psychologists know how effective teams work, how we can draw out team and individual development areas and how these can be addressed.

We believe effective teams have a clear understanding of each others working preferences and strengths and we use VR as a unique methodology to achieve this.

Team building, the VRE way.

Build Your Own VR Team Building Day

We offer a range of VR sessions that can fit different timescales and group sizes, our Business Psychologists will also work closely with you to determine any special areas you wish to focus on such as important company values or behavioural competencies you wish to develop in the organisation.

We can also work with you to design any additional materials to support reflection sessions or workshops, introducing them in such a way that doesn’t impact on the high level of engagement and fun that makes VR so ideal for team building.

We Love Measurement

We are experienced

In delivering concise and relevant summaries of team dynamics, behaviours and also more general departmental trends and strength areas. Allowing organisations to see where their people strategy is working and where important developmental resources could be focused going forwards.

The most important part of planning your VR

Team building day is deciding on the outcomes you want to see from your event, our team likes to quantify things as much as they can, it’s in their nature, their training and their backgrounds.

To this end we will work with you

To determine what you would like to measure, how we will do this and how we will report it back to you for use in your own development plans and strategy.


Smaller teams of up to 16

We have several multiplayer VR experiences that can be used to develop teams, this allows 4 players in each group to work together in the virtual space.

This also includes our own custom VR platform designed for leadership and team assessment.

Larger teams of 20 or more

We have a range of session plans and experiences that have been carefully developed for larger groups to ensure everyone has to be involved.

With extensive experience in running large VR events we are able to deliver large team building days at any location in the EU, or at our own facilities in London.

Hybrid Events

We are also able to offer hybrid events, incorporating the best of non-vr training and development activities with our VR sessions to create a blended event. This allows us to combine the best of old and new training methodologies and also helps triangulate team behaviours across different tasks.



VRE ran a large VR event for Santander’s head office teams with a total of 70 staff for their annual offsite day. Santander wanted more than just a fun team day so working closely with them we developed materials and activities that captured the values and behaviours they wanted to promote in the business.

The resulting day allowed the VRE Psychologists to evaluate how well these behaviours and values were demonstrated during the day with a quantitative summary at the end of the day presented to the whole group.

We were able to provide useful feedback and insights into team dynamics and raise awareness of individual strengths and development areas and as well as departmental trends.

We also provided on the day some non-VR team building activities which allowed us to examine teams in a more traditional way alongside the VR methodology.

VRE provided Santander with a fully immersive employee engagement exercise using the latest virtual reality technology. By using VR, we were able to strengthen team relationships in a new, engaging and fun way.”
– Keith Moor, Chief Marketing Officer, Santander


The European Investment Fund required a large team building event in Europe for 45 staff. We regularly work in Europe and so our team delivered onsite a VR team building day in Luxembourg.
Using the latest VR technology VRE was able to stretch teams and engage them in ways that traditional training cannot, using VR allowed EIF to see their teams working on new challenges they had not seen before and develop more effective communication as a result.

Our trainers provided multiple sessions on the day including experiential methodologies alongside the VR with the day’s session designs complementing each other and reinforcing learning outcomes.


JP Morgan required a fun and engaging team building day, VRE was able to provide a range of VR experiences that challenged their teams and also provided a very entertaining day for their staff as a reward for their hard work.


VRE were engaged to provide an team building event for their teams, this ranged from group VR activities where team members had to work together through to competitive VR experiences that raised the energy levels further as teams and individuals competed.