VR Escape Rooms

Virtual Reality Experiences is thrilled to offer cutting-edge VR escape room experiences for your next team building event.

Our escape room experiences can be set up as a fun activity to entertain participants at your event or can be used more strategically to develop skills and understanding within your team.

It’s well known that shared experiences give teams a greater sense of connection. Our exciting and memorable VR experiences are no different. By using the power of virtual reality to drop your team into unusual, difficult and exciting scenarios, you’re able to challenge them in brand new ways, pushing them to the limits of their ability and creating opportunities for cohesion to be built within the team.

Furthermore, the customisable nature of VR experiences mean that they can be tweaked on the fly to ensure that the whole team gets a chance to improve their leadership skills, not just the team members who are quick to volunteer.

Why VR Escape Rooms for Team Building?

The entertainment industry has already begun to take advantage of virtual reality to create immersive and stimulating experiences, but what are the benefits of using this awesome technology in team building?

We believe that it’s that immersive quality of virtual reality that sets our VR escape room experience apart as a team building activity. This sense of immersion leads to participants feeling much more engaged, drawing team members out of their shells and revealing the group’s true behaviours and approaches when faced with a problem solving activity.

As well as being immersive, our VR escape room activities are also flexible. You can send your team through a range of scenarios and challenges, each designed with a different team building or training goal in mind – and all of which are impossible to recreate in the real world.

How do VR Escape Rooms Work?

During our VR escape room experiences, each team member dons one of our latest-generation VR headsets – instantly transporting the team to a shared virtual environment. From here, the team receive instructions and puzzles to which the solutions are sometimes tricker than they seem.

As the team progresses through the challenges, their skills will be stretched in these key areas of performance:

  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Communication

As well as testing each team member in these important attributes, the group will be forced to work together to defeat challenges, ensuring that the team’s ability to collaborate is pushed to the limit too.

You may opt to have our experienced Business Psychologists observe your team’s performance and provide feedback on each individual and the team as they progress through the experiences, adding further value to your team building activities.

Our Typical VR Escape Room Event

VRE would be glad to tailor our VR escape room events to suit your exact goals, be they team building or training related. That said, here are a few key points about our typical VR escape room event:

  • VR escape rooms can be run for up to 4 players per team, with multiple teams participating at the same time if required
  • The experience can be delivered either on site or at our location in London
  • The activity can range between 15 to 60 minutes depending on your event schedule

VR hire, large scale corporate events and other VR services

As well as hosting your VR escape room, we’re able to offer VR equipment hire for a number of other uses and can provide staff to help you get the most out of your hire.

VRE has extensive experience in running virtual reality team building events for companies both in the UK and in Europe and have a range of options for smaller groups or larger teams and corporations.

We can deliver VR events for 100 participants or more and can host non-VR activities to keep participants occupied while they wait for their turn to experience VR team building.

Contact VRE today to discuss how a VR escape room experience could create engagement and aid learning at your next team building or training event.