Virtual Reality Wellbeing For Your Organisation

Wellbeing – Good For Individuals and Organisations

The evidence is in, and has been for a long time. Organisations are now switching onto the fact that by looking after their employees properly they are also building organisational resilience as well as fulfilling their moral obligations and improving on the bottom line. Mindfulness meditation for example is now proven to reduce depression, anxiety and increase focus, performance and quality of life.

We are specialists in wellbeing, having developed and delivered wellbeing programmes for large organisations, we have extensive practical experience in what works and what doesn’t. We combine the latest thinking in mindfulness meditation with CBT and other key wellbeing factors to create holistic practical wellbeing programmes that make a difference.

Our Psychologists offer training programmes in mindfulness meditation and key “healthy thinking” habits to organisations as part of our wellbeing services. We combine this experience with the latest technology that we have found to make a difference, offering the following integrated services below alongside training.

Virtual Reality Guided Meditation

We know virtual reality is so immersive it can transport your teams to anywhere in the world, or off-world. Using VR can support individuals through a structured mindfulness meditation experience and guide and support them through the key principles.

Using VR allows your staff to completely remove themselves from environmental cues and stressors and to center themselves properly, building the skills and self knowledge to allow them to then apply this in more busy day to day environments.

A VR meditation station can be left running in your company for staff to use as they please during any break, and help build resilience and perspective in your teams.

We Use Powerful Wellbeing Technology Like Muse

Although not VR, a very useful addition to any wellbeing programme is the Muse headset, this is an EEG (electroencephalography) headset that measures brain activity. This unique piece of equipment connects to a mobile device or tablet and gives instant neurofeedback during its own guided meditations. This instant neurofeedback then allows users to quickly realise when their mind is wandering and refocus.

We have found this to be incredibly powerful and speeds up the process of learning these “meta cognitive” skills, allowing the practitioner to quickly spot when they drift and refocus more quickly in their day to day roles. Helping them develop their concentration and focus throughout their day.

Muse headsets can also be linked to a dashboard to monitor progress, so additional support can be offered where required and provided remotely to users of the muse headset. This allows for extra targetted coaching for those who are in need of additional guidance in their mindfulness meditation practice.

We also hire the Muse headsets and connected Apples devices separately, independent of any wellbeing programmes, please contact us for details.

Change Your Breathing, Change Your State

Another useful piece of technology for any wellbeing programme is the Spire Pebble, this small device monitors your breathing and in use we found it extremely useful in again making ourselves aware of how tense we are during a day.

Spire lets you know this through monitoring breathing, we know breathing is key to how we feel, so through monitoring this we can find out how often we are stressed during the day, locations, patterns and other triggers.

The really clever bit however is the instant feedback, like the muse it can sense when we are tense and vibrate to remind us when to relax, it was surprising during the course of a day just how many times we realised we were tense and holding our body in a very tense manner.

This brilliant device helps you develop better breathing habits which in turn make us more aware of our physiological state and our ability to change it.

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