Virtual Team Building

Connect Teams Remotely At Home

The New Virtual Team Building Paradigm

In the current environment running team building safely can be challenging, however with the advent of remote teams and working methods it has increased the need to bring teams together to maintain culture, relationships and team motivation.

This is especially important for more extraverted team members who are missing the social connection and “social fix” they normally get at work through working with their colleagues.

Fortunately VR enables some excellent remote alternatives with virtual team building, allowing teams to interact and work together closely including more vulnerable staff who may have to avoid normal events and gatherings for the next few months.

For Groups up to 60

Team build from home locations

Protect the environment, no travel required

We send the headsets to your team

Flexible VR activities for a range of purposes

Advanced sanitation systems

First Steps For Your Virtual Team Building Day

We firstly liaise with you to determine what your objectives for the day are, this could simply be a fun event to bring your team together or can also be an opportunity for the team to explore key communication skills or other competencies you wish to develop.

With virtual team building you are able to have several different activities on your day and with the advantages of VR groups can switch between types of activities instantly.

How Does Virtual Team Building Work?

  1. Once we have planned your day with you, we then post out the headsets to your team members a few days before the virtual team building day
  2. One of the VRE team will then make an appointment for a familiarisation session before the team building event. They will run through how the headset works and also make sure your team members are comfortable with the software they will be using by taking them through a simple VR activity in preparation
  3. On the virtual team building day we have two VR facilitators and a VR trainer who will take you through the session on the day
  4. After the team building session we then arrange for a courier to collect the headsets
  5. These are then quarantined for 7 days (virus can only live up to 72 hrs) and then put through our commercial sanitisation systems (our systems are much more effective than simple disinfectant wiping) ready for the next group.

Types of Activity

Problem solving

We can run multiplayer problem solving VR activities with varying levels of difficulty to suit your cohort and also your objectives depending on how much you want to stretch them.


Teams always love creative activities where they get to express themselves and it can be a useful way to see teams’ strengths when using open ended activities that have more than one way of approaching them.

Pure Entertainment

For team building focused purely on letting teams enjoy being together in a shared space we can run highly entertaining multiplayer VR experiences that allow them to have fun and feel connected to their colleagues after a period of team separation.

Or a combination of all three

These options (creative, problem solving) are not mutually exclusive with having fun and we often find having a shared purpose or an interesting problem solving or creative activity are often rated more highly (enjoyment) than purely games focused team building events.

Contact Us Now For Details

Contact us to discuss your requirements, we can also build a virtual team building event around your needs and objectives, happy to simply have a chat and talk through how it works.


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