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VRE Training Services

A lot of the work we do with companies is informing them of the kind of uses VR and AR may have in their organisation.

The link between AR/VR and your organisation may not always be readily apparent and we help organisations bridge this gap with our training courses to help you understand what VR and AR is about and what the opportunities may be for your organisation.

Our AR and VR introduction course is an excellent way to help your organisation and teams understand this fast moving technology and also what may be coming next. Our team of trainers and tech consultants constantly update the course content as development is so rapid in this field at the moment.

Our courses are very practical, VR and AR has to be experienced for it to be understood and so for your training day we will bring all the relevant kit that is current in the marketplace and set it up so the group can see it first hand and use it in some of the activities.

Introduction to VR and AR – 1 day course

This course is an introduction to VR and AR and allows delegates the chance to have hands on experience across the key hardware and understand the main current applications.

  • Brief History of VR and AR
  • Key VR and AR hardware currently available
  • Key applications for VR and AR/Mixed reality
    • Sales
    • Retail
    • Marketing
    • Design
    • Training
  • When VR/AR is not the best solution
  • Group activity using VR with a 3d printed design sent to the group after the course

Typical equipment used on the day:

  • Two hololens – demonstrating multilens applications
  • 4 linked VR Oculus Rift – demonstrating multiplayer VR experiences
  • Samsung Gear VR headsets – demonstrating mobile options
  • HTC Vive
  • Sony Playstation VR

Half day seminars

We are also able to provide shorter sessions, including half day seminars on elements of the above course that may be of particular relevance to your sector or organisation.

Bespoke Courses

We can also run more tailored training for your particular needs to help your teams see how VR and AR is being currently applied, with practical examples and group activities that are sector specific.