VR Cyber Security Awareness

Develop your teams cyber security awareness, protect your business

Cyber Security is a concern for businesses of all types, with Wi-Fi eavesdropping, phishing, ransomware and DDoS attacks on the rise.

Most often, attackers take advantage of a staff member’s lack of knowledge to make these attacks effective, which is why cyber security awareness training for your team is an effective preventative intervention to protect your organisation.

With our virtual reality based cyber security awareness training, your team can better understand their role in protecting your business from cyber-attacks, as well as improving their understanding of more general corporate and physical security.

Get Started with VR Cyber Security Training

VR delivers deeper learning experiences that stick

Our VR-based cyber security training places team members into realistic cyber security scenarios that offer a more engaging way of delivering business critical cyber training. VR allows a typically dry topic to instead become an interactive environment offering a more natural and memorable way to learn and experiment, improving understanding and knowledge along the way.

Useful for new staff joining the organisation or existing staff as part of any cyber training you currently run.

The VR training covers key areas of cyber security awareness relating to the weakest link in the chain which is human behaviour. This application allows you to address this important area from a range of perspectives to ensure your organisation has covered this critical area effectively.

Use VR to Train Your Team in Cyber Security

Track, Record and Analyse with our VR Learning Management System

The Cyber Security Awareness application allows you to monitor and analyse trainees’ behaviour and performance in VR.

This information can be used in a number of ways and can also be used as a TNA (Training Needs Analysis), identifying any common mistakes or trends that can then be used to inform or improve non VR training materials or company inductions.

This information can be used by training or your cyber teams or simply to ensure and track who in your organisation has completed it.

Ease of Use and Low Logistical Demands

As learning experts we know that unless the training medium is easy to use the training content is irrelevant. Designed from the ground up to be very easy to use for non technical users, it is possible to run this training without supervision. This allowing large numbers of staff to complete VR Cyber training without additional demands on your training team or Cyber Security team.

We also offer this training on multiple VR platforms allowing either round the table training sessions for large groups, or individual users using an untethered roomscale headset for maximum immersion when space allows.

Tailor Your Cyber Security Awareness Training

The VR training allows flexibility in terms of learning content, with module options selected by your Cyber Secuity teams allowing a different emphasis on particular risks depending on what is important to your organisation.

This approach acknowledges that a one size fits all approach may not reflect the risk profile in your particular organisation.

Organisation Specific Risks and Bespoking

Some organisations may have unique sector specific risks, these can be easily added to your own version of the training cost effectively.

We can also brand the VR module for your organisation and also amend the data collection if you wish to measure a particular variable in your version of the assessment.

Human Behaviour is Key

Designed to measure and inform, allowing training and other resources to be deployed effectively against one of the most challenging risk vectors.

Humans are infinitely variable and unpredictable, with risky behaviours having a number of antecedents. Our VR training helps identify these behaviours and reduce overall risk in the organisation.

Available in Multiple Languages

For larger international organisations we are able to quickly produce alternative language versions.

We can also amend the application to reflect other local needs where necessary.