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VR Cyber Security Training and Assessment

Develop your teams cyber awareness, Protect Your Business

Cyber security.

It’s increasingly a concern for businesses of all types, with Wi-Fi eavesdropping, phishing, ransomware and DDoS attacks on the rise.

Most often, attackers take advantage of a staff member’s lack of knowledge to make these attacks effective, which is why cyber security training for your team is top of the list of things you can do to protect your organisation.

With our virtual reality based cyber security training, your team can better understand their role in protecting your business from cyber-attacks, as well as improving their understanding of more general corporate security.

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Why Virtual Reality for Cyber Security Training?

VR delivers deeper learning experiences that stick
Our VR-based cyber security training places team members into realistic cyber security scenarios that leave them with more vivid memories than written information or talks can deliver.

Virtual reality makes for an engaging and memorable experience that will pique the interest of your team members and drive home the key learnings about cyber security and corporate security best practice. They will learn first-hand how their everyday real-world behaviours could be helping cyber criminals to attack your organisation.

Use VR to Train Your Team in Cyber Security

VR is a fun way to learn
The exciting and immersive nature of virtual reality never fails to get teams engaged in the learning experience and focuses their attention on the learning objective at hand. This means that team members have fun, whilst learning more.

Use VR to Train Your Team in Cyber Security

Why Virtual Reality Experiences?

We deliver cyber security training with impact
Our cyber security training is designed to introduce your team to key information security policies as well as general best practice, enabling them to make the simple day-to-day decisions that protect your organisation from cyber-attack.

We keep it simple
With limited use of technical jargon and making best use of the highly immersive VR format, our cyber security training offering is super simple for trainees. Leave the virtual reality technology to us. All you’ve got to do is enjoy the benefits – it’s high-impact, memorable and leaves trainees with a strong understanding of cyber security threats and best practices in corporate security.

We provide cutting-edge technology in a cost-effective way
We deploy VR headsets from market-leaders Oculus as well as on mobile devices to ensure the best learning experience is achieved in a cost effective and quick to implement way.

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