VR Design Services

VR Design

VR design is not just about the technical skills or expertise it is also about the human factors element and ensuring the application is intuitive, easy to use and clearly meets your objectives.  Our team also comprises of learning and development professionals and psychologists who can ensure your designed project is creative, easy to use and incorporates sound principles in user interaction and learning.

Working with major brands we have helped them develop their own VR applications allowing them to reach out to more customers through VR product launches and showcasing their new product in an engaging way through VR.

Quick Development Times

We can help you develop your VR application quickly, with access to large development resources we can ensure your VR experience is developed on time and cost effectively. Our developers will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you are happy with the product each step of the way.

Cross Platform and Multi – Format

Your VR application can be designed for any format, whether you want a HTC vive,  Oculus Rift, Hololens compatible VR experience or are looking to deploy it on a Samsung Gear VR and so make it accessible to a much larger audience.

You can also have your application developed cross platform allowing a mixture of input and VR devices.

360 Video Capture

You can also have your own 360 content created for your event or business, clients have realised the potential of 360 video to engage for a range of purposes, whether it is to show the actual experience of their service or show how their product works.

360 content is often confused with Virtual Reality (as it uses the same VR headsets) but can be extremely effective and can be filmed in a variety of ways with different levels of equipment.  Filming can be in a range of locations, using actors or even drones for hard to get footage that really shows what it is like to be in your experience.

Your 360 content once produced can then be branded to meet your needs and ensure users link the experience clearly to your company.