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VR Equipment Hire

We provide virtual reality hire UK wide, with same day delivery in London and next day delivery for the rest of the United Kingdom. We use the highest quality equipment to ensure optimum reliability and performance. In addition we supply everything in tough cases to make certain your equipment arrives safely.

All virtual reality equipment below can be hired for both short and long term VR rental. Our friendly experienced support staff can be provided for any of our experiences to help set up and assist in the smooth running of your VR event.

Should you have any questions or would like us to create something bespoke for you or your company, then please call us on 020 7867 3908. Alternatively send us an email, and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

VR Software Reviews For Your Hire Or Event

Virtual Reality Headsets & Hardware For Hire

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

HTC Vive Pro Hire

Better resolution, better ergonomics, better integrated wireless solution from HTC.


Vive Pro Wireless Hire

VR as it was meant to be experienced, no wires, true freedom to move around and with a high resolution headset

oculus go vr hire

Oculus Go Hire

Effortlessly enter Virtual reality with no computer or wires attached. Designed with adjustable straps, breathable fabrics, and some of the best lenses yet.


Hololens is very different from others as it blends a holographic display with your current reality, giving what’s called augmented reality.

vr hire laptop

High Performance Virtual Reality Laptop / Gaming Laptop Hire

These high performance VR laptops offer a greater level of convenience, less cables, less fuss and great portability.

oculus rental and hire headset virtual reality

Oculus Rift Hire

The Oculus Rift system includes a comfortable virtual reality headset and is a premium offering alongside the HTC Vive system.

VR Racing Simulator

Go full throttle with our amazing VR Racing experience, force feedback steering and quality VR Cockpit, time to release your inner Steve McQueen.

VR PC System

VR PC System Hire

We run powerful VR-ready PC systems ensuring that you get the best virtual reality experience and give you a reliable and easy set up experience.

HTC VR Hire headset

HTC Vive Hire

HTC Vive hire is arguably the best virtual reality experience with its room scale technology and wireless controllers.

rental virtual reality with samsung hear headset

Samsung Gear VR Hire

A popular VR option for when you need a large number of individuals to experience a virtual reality application.

Plastation VR Hire

Playstation VR Hire

With a comfortable headset and varied selection of VR experiences, it’s easy to set requiring only to be plugged into a Playstation 4.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera Hire

Its quality is good enough for clients to produce videos of their services in 360 for their website and marketing.

Meta 2 hire

Meta 2 Hire

Meta 2, the wide field of view augmented AR headset, arguably the best AR solution at the moment.

Stratus XL Controller Hire

If you need a handheld controller for your Samsung Gear VR, then this is a useful addition to your Virtual Reality Hire.

Lenovo Explorer Headset Hire

Lenovo Explorer Headset Hire

The Lenovo Windows VR HMD

Samsung HMD Odyssey Headset Hire

Samsung HMD Odyssey Headset Hire

Samsung’s Excellent Windows VR Headset

Acer VR Headset Hire

Magic Leap Development

We develop content for the new Magic Leap, it offers high resolution AR in a compact and comfortable form factor, ideal for VR events, demonstrations or training

Acer VR Headset Hire

Acer VR Headset Hire

Acer’s entry into the Windows Mixed Reality Experience

Dell Visor Headset Hire

Dell Visor Headset Hire

Dell’s nicely designed Windows Mixed Reality HMD

Dell Visor Headset Hire

HP Headset Hire

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

Want to put some 3d objects into your virtual world?

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

JGaurora Z – 603S High Precision 3d Printer

Turn your Virtual Designs into reality with our high precision 3d printer.

Google Cardboard Hire

Google Cardboard Hire

This is a very simple VR headset and is useful for very large events or conferences, product launches and client presentations.

HTC VIVE Focus Hire

The VIVE Focus builds upon HTC’s winning formula from the VIVE and VIVE Pro, with this latest update removing the need for any cables whatsoever.

Oculus Quest Hire

The Oculus Quest is part of a new generation of untethered VR headsets where the computer that powers everything is built directly into the device.

VR TV Screen Hire

Some events may require a large screen so guests can see what VR experience the wearer is having. This can help draw crowds to your stand or simply allow others to share in the experience.