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Hololens Hire & Customisation for your Event

Virtual Reality Experiences are now offering the Hololens hire. Hololens is very different to the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, as it blends a holographic display with your current reality, giving an experience described as augmented reality.

It could be argued that this technology is actually another step ahead of Virtual Reality and when you try the headset you will see why.

We are based in London and can quickly get it to any company in greater London the same day. We can deliver to rest of the UK the following day.

From £50 per day – call us to reserve your hire dates on 020 7867 3908.

Hololens Hire Across Europe – Next Day Delivery Anywhere in the EU, France, Germany, Italy, Spain

VRE have worked closely with many companies across Europe to help them deliver their AR events, in addition we can deliver your Hololens anywhere in the EU, usually next day.

Our Hololens are delivered in person by a member of our team direct to your EU company office, and if required can also help you set up and install your content if required.

We have extensive experience with EU clients and our international team can deal with your own clients directly in their native language, helping make the AR event and your Hololens hire run smoothly.

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Hololens Content Creation for your Event

If you are looking for more than just Hololens Hire and would like to create some Hololens content for your event or exhibition then we can help.

It is not as expensive as you would expect, and our development team would work with you to ensure your content is in tune with your aims and objectives.

If you have your own 3D models, we can create a branded Hololens application that allows you to showcase your buildings, products and outside spaces in the comfort of your client’s office. This would allow them to rotate, move, explore and walk around your product anchored in the real world right in front of them with a bird’s eye view. Or, they could actually walk through the space as if they are in it.

This is the beauty of an untethered Hololens experience – freedom to walk around, explore and even see augmented objects interact with physical, real world objects.

If you don’t have your own 3D models, we can also create these for you. With our talented team of designers, we can create customised 3D content to really showcase your service or products in a totally unique and memorable way. They would really engage your prospects in ways above and beyond what your competitors are offering.

So, for your Hololens Hire contact us for bespoke content creation in keeping with your event, your sector and services and shows exactly what you do.

You do not need to purchase a Hololens Hire to take advantage of this amazing technology. We would be more than happy to come to your office to demonstrate how you could use Hololens for your next project.

Hololens Hire AR/VR Development for Larger Projects

We also do more complex Hololens development. So if you are looking for a bespoke Hololens application that offers clients a more tailored experience with additional functionality, we would be pleased to discuss requirements with you.