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Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

Want to put some 3d objects into your virtual world?

The Occipital Structure Sensor 3d Scanner allows you to just do that, it is a great tool for scanning objects and allowing them to then be edited and inserted into whatever virtual reality project you are working on.

It can be a huge time saver especially for organic models such as people, it automatically textures the models and does a very good job doing so. It can also be used to scan equipment and rooms, accurately mapping their dimensions and shape and capturing all the environment at the same time.


You will need am Iphone 6 or better or Ipad Air 2 or better to work with this scanner. We can also hire out these with the scanner if required.

Also check out our 3d printer hire here, you can scan any objects or people in your office with the Occipital Structure Sensor and within the same day have a miniature version of them sitting on your desk!