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Oculus Go hire

The Oculus Go has finally arrived and first impressions are good, it offers a mobile VR experience without the wires and is an integrated device so no smartphone needed as has its own screen and processing unit.

Like the Samsung Gear VR it comes with a small pointer device which doesn’t track location, but does track orientation, so you can point and control applications with intuitive gestures.

It essentially has the same features as a Samsung Gear VR, but is a dedicated device for VR and has a different software ecosystem. This may mean the range of VR games and VR experiences may be more limited than Samsung Gear VR at launch, though both will play your own 360 content very well.

Integrated speakers mean you don’t need a separate set of headphones and the ergonomics work well with a comfortable strap and is lightweight in use.

It’s integrated battery lasts around 2 and half hours and needs two hours to recharge, Oculus recommend not using it while charging.

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VR Events

Great for VR events or demonstrations and a viable alternative to Samsung Gear VR hire, the integrated headphones are a nice feature and simplify VR event logistics.

Oculus is also promoting a new mobile VR app called Oculus Venues, this is ideal for VR events where you want delegates to access live shows, concerts, sporting events.