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Oculus Quest Hire

Oculus’ brand new Quest headset will soon be available for hire from Virtual Reality Experiences.

Oculus have announced plans to follow up on their wildly successful Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, with a new standalone device that doesn’t require a connection to a computer to deliver jaw-dropping virtual reality content.

While the device is currently under development, Virtual Reality Experiences are watching closely and will have the Oculus Quest available for hire as soon as it is released to the public.

Your Oculus Quest hire is suitable for personal or business use, while our experienced VR development team are available should you require customised content to be built and pre-loaded onto your device. They’re also ready to work on larger content creation projects – just give us a call to discuss what’s possible.

The Oculus Quest is part of a new generation of untethered VR headsets where the computer that powers everything is built directly into the device. The headset also contains 6 depth-of-field sensors that make motion tracking possible without the need for setting up external sensors around your space.

No cables to connect and no external sensors to set up makes for a user-friendly device that is perfect for use by people who want the simplest experience possible, are less confident with tech, or who simply require portability from their virtual reality hire.

While headsets of this type are not necessarily as powerful as those that connect to an external computer, the advantages they offer make them ideal for demos, events and team building exercises. Our enthusiastic facilitators are available to assist with the smooth running of your event, if that’s how you will be using the devices.

Everything you need will be included in your hire including up-to date software, accessories and spares.

Oculus Quest will be available for hire from just £XX per day – please call us to reserve your device.

Oculus Quest with Custom Content Creation

If you’re looking to go beyond simple hardware rental with your VR endeavours, Virtual Reality Experiences is able to help. We are happy to customise content with your branding and communications and pre-load the content onto your Oculus Quest rental devices. Branded virtual reality experiences, a VR showcase of your products or completely new ideas are possible. We’re ready to discuss your requirements.

The qualified psychologists and learning and development professionals that founded VRE are on hand to make certain that the custom content we build for the Oculus Quest is intuitive, easy to use and is designed around learning or sales objectives.

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If you’re interested in being one of the first people to try the Oculus Quest, please enter your email address below and we’ll notify you when we have this exciting new tech available.