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Robot Hire Available for Your Events

Meet Nao. The futuristic robot, available to hire from VRE.

Nao is an autonomous human robot. Available as part of our robot hire service, Nao is the star of any VR event where you need to grab people’s attention.

Nao Robot Hire for Events

See our VRE robots here at the 2018 Eurovision competition!

If you were watching this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (how could you miss it?), you might have noticed our Nao robots performing alongside the singer from San Marino. They might not have made the best backing singers (they sound like Stephen Hawkins), but as backing dancers you can see our robots stole the show.

Using the companion software for desktop, you can teach Nao any dance, from the Thriller routine to Gangnam style. But dancing is a simple trick for Nao. With facial and speech recognition, Nao is smart enough to greet you by name.

But what innovative technology is allowing these robots to behave so intelligently?

Importantly, the on-board computer that controls Nao is Linux-based and open source, meaning new functionality is being created by talented developers from around the world.

While Nao’s true power comes from its refined code base, it also benefits from a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor. This combination of limitless development possibilities and appropriately specced hardware make Nao far more than a robotic toy, but a sophisticated platform for robotics developers to build on.

Standing at just under 60cm tall, Nao has two cameras in its head, allowing it to identify and pick up objects on the ground. With Nao’s prehensile hands, its able to pick up soft items with a gentle touch. Its inertial sensor allows the robot to tell when its fallen over and get right back up. Multiple robots can communicate with one another over infrared, wifi or simply with their voices.

Nao can even play football – its the chosen robot for the RoboCup Single Platform League in which teams of developers use the same robot, each with their own custom software, to see who can create the best code and win the match.

Virtual Reality Robot Hire Telepresence – Coming soon

Telepresence – noun

The use of virtual reality technology, especially for remote control of machinery or for apparent participation in distant events. a sensation of being elsewhere, created by virtual reality technology.

An interesting merging of technologies, virtual reality and robotics will soon allow you to control NAO robots using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

As you can see in the videos below it is already possible to control NAO head and arms using virtual reality equipment with a first person view.

We will soon be able to connect the robot to a VR headset and controls, enabling you to control Nao remotely, seeing what it sees, from a first-person perspective. This will represents a leap forward in telepresence, or the use of VR tech to remotely control machinery or participate in distant events.

We are currently developing this service and will in the future be offering virtual reality telepresence using our robots.

Please sign up here if you wish to be notified when this particular additional service will be ready.

Pepper Robot For Hire

VRE are thrilled to announce that we are now also offering the Pepper robot for hire.

This charming robot was released by SoftBank in Japan as a “companion” robot. Its able to speak with humans in plain English, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence software comparable to that of Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Wi-Fi connectivity means Pepper can recall information from the Internet, such as weather reports or messages from the management, during its discussions.

In terms of hardware, the robot’s humanoid form has been created to package its artificial intelligence in a way that is friendly and recognisable to consumers. Pepper uses its camera detect user’s expressions and adjust its own behaviour accordingly. It can wave, shake hands, pose for a selfie and even dance if the mood takes it. Plus so much more. People of all ages love to talk and play with this friendly helper.

Pepper was quickly put to work, with companies taking advantage of Pepper’s features which make it suitable for a whole range of business scenarios. Whether its delivering key information to the public at events, or providing sales information in a retail space, Pepper is a novel way to grab attention and deliver your message.

The 1.2 meter tall robot includes a 10.1 inch tablet-like screen in its chest, which allows you to input commands and access the many apps which provide additional functionality to Pepper. VRE can even provide custom apps for Pepper, enabling it to perform all types of function, be it directing customers to the closest restroom, offering them a product, or simply entertaining them. Talk to us about what’s possible with custom apps for Pepper!

Pepper can also be set up to collect information from your customers and clients, instead of just providing it. For example, Pepper can offer customers a reward for inputting their email address via the robot’s touch screen or Pepper can capture data about their customer experience via a simple scoring system.

Pepper is currently being used in Japan by businesses as varied as banks, care homes and restaurants, all of whom have found innovative ways to make the most of the advanced robotics that control Pepper. Talk to us today about what Pepper could do for your business.

Book Your Robot Hire

When you book the robot hire package from VRE, we configure it to perform a range of functions depending on your intended use. Our staff have a genuine passion for this emerging technology and can demonstrate your robot’s functionality as well as offering some insight into the state of robotics today.


Our team will also discuss with you your programming needs and as you can see from the Eurovision we can program them for a wide range of movements and applications.

Virtual Reality Hire

We also supply VR hire and can offer the full range of VR equipment for your event, so if your event is technology related we can offer the full range of tech offerings and content design for your tech event.