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Vive Pro Hire

The new VR headset from HTC Vive Pro is an excellent headset and a significant upgrade over the old HTC Vive headset.

It deals with a number of problems the old headset had and offers a much improved user experience as the VR headset is lighter and now has a better strap mechanism which has a single tightening button on the back. Important for VR events where you have people quickly trying out your VR experience and you need to adjust the fit quickly to give them a great experience.

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Like the Oculus Rift it also now has integrated headphones which removes the need for an extra cable and makes taking it off and on much easier. The display is excellent and gives great visuals, the improved resolution is noticeable over the old Vive headset.

The HTC Vive Pro is backwards compatible with existing Vive controllers and base stations and when the new base station 2.0 come out it will be possible with these additional stations to track a very large space indeed.

All existing Vive content will work on Vive pro although the processing demands will increase slightly due to the increased resolution, so we recommend our high spec GTX 1070 or 1080 laptop hire for use with these headsets.

VR Events and Development with HTC Vive Pro Hire

The Vive Pro is great for VR events, as it creates an even greater level of immersion that will drive the engagement you are looking for from your clients and delegates.

We develop and can create a range of experiences for your Vive Pro hire whether it’s to launch or advertise your product at an event, or you are looking to develop a training experience that utilises its high definition visuals.

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