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Looking for experts to deliver your VR event?

Virtual Reality Experiences has specialised in delivering first-class VR events on behalf of corporations and SMEs around the world.

Clients who book with VRE enjoy the full-service treatment. As well as designing astonishing VR content for your event, we bring along our state-of-the-art VR headsets for your attendees to experience it on.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to ensure that your VR experience goes off without a hitch – and we can even manage the logistics of the event on your behalf.

We’ve hosted exciting company parties and engaged companies’ teams, as well as impressing VIPs at charity dinners, trade shows and product launches.

We’re based in the heart of London, but our blue-chip clients trust us to deliver their VR events across the UK, Europe and the USA.


4 continents, 5 cities, 1 new brand

VRE worked with Investec Asset Management and Shelton Fleming to design a VR experience to launch Ninety One, the new company formed from the demerger from Investec the parent company.

Our creative team developed a truly immersive experience showcasing VR at its best and allowed users to experience the journey to their new brand while respecting their past and where they came from.

Investec required us to deliver at 5 worldwide locations all on the same day with our teams flying out to New York, Johannesburg, Capetown, HongKong and London.

We also took this opportunity to capture the values employees wished to see in the new company in VR as part of a values capture activity within the experience.

We loved working with VRE! Based on a concept and storyboard from our design team their incredible team was able to create an immersive world that guided users down a pathway charting the history and evolution of our client’s brand. The end product was genuinely better than I could have imagined. As a company VRE’s communication was top notch – at no point were we left lacking. I was also impressed by the safeguarding considerations made for staff operating in higher risk cities overseas. They continue to be a partner we know we can rely on and our first port of call when it comes to VR Experiences.

Graham Smith, Shelton Fleming, London

It was great working with VRE; with a short lead time you captured the essence of our vision on a very important day for our firm and successfully helped us bring our people on board with our new brand.

Emily Hill, Head of Events ex-Africa, Investec Asset Management

WHY VR Events

Experience cutting-edge tech

They’ve heard the buzz around the arrival of next-generation VR and AR technology – now let your team experience it for themselves.

Forward-thinking companies are already embracing the technology and enjoying the business benefits of the virtual world.

Engage human curiosity

Curiosity is a fundamental part of the human experience. Feed this curiosity by presenting your event’s attendees with the opportunity to experience the power of virtual reality.

Create interest, start discussions and draw in curious minds.

Be memorable

The latest academic research supports our theory. Taking an active role in a virtual reality experience leaves a greater impression on participants than passive formats, such as video.

Who could forget a product or service that was presented to them in an exciting virtual world?

Create shared experiences

Memorable experiences are better shared, and VR experiences are no different.

Bring your event’s attendees together, allowing them to discover you message as a group in an incredible, multi-player VR world.

Have fun and energise your attendees

VR leaves people with a smile on their face – we see it all the time.

Use a VR experience to create a fun atmosphere at your event and get people energised.

Choose from a huge range of VR experiences

In the virtual world, the only limit is your imagination.

Whether you choose a cost-effective pre-made VR experience, an experience with your branding added or an entirely custom-made VR experience, we can help.


Working with Google to deliver their live events

Supporting Google with live events at their HQ in London we have run VR at a range of their events and also their Automation Summit.

We were able to use VR on stage for their Automation Tech summit, providing a VR experience with one of our team creatives building a VR environment in real time for their audience to watch.

We run live events anywhere in the world and can work with you to deliver creative immersive experiences off the shelf or bespoke for your events.

Check Out Our Virtual Meetings and Events Services

Virtual Meetings, Events, Conferences

Virtual Meetings and Events suit VR technology well, delegates can meet, interact in ways very similar to real life. We offer a range of services for virtual meetings and events with a range of hardware and software to suit your meeting and event outcomes



Havaianas had an important European launch event in Madrid and required an AR application at very short notice to showcase their new range of footwear.

Working closely with their marketing and events team, VRE created a Havaianas AR application running on Hololens within 7 days.

This allowed them to showcase their new footwear in an engaging and fun way, with users building a beach scene complete with cocktail drinks. Users then placing the new range of footwear in their new environment, walking round they could rotate and resize the footwear and explore the new products from all angles.

This project demonstrates how well AR can be integrated into the retail sector and when used correctly can encourage a great retail consumer experience, highlighting features and benefits, providing additional information on the product and most importantly driving consumer engagement.

“We commissioned VRE to create a Hololens application for a major Havaianas event in Madrid at very short notice, they amazingly turned it around in just 7 days and flew out to Madrid to deliver it on time and we were extremely pleased with the end product.”
– Filippo Trentin, Alpargatass, Havaianas.


Fischer had an important company-wide event and commissioned VRE to create a VR application that allowed delegates to use their fixing products and see how they work.

Working closely with their marketing, sales and engineering team VRE created a virtual construction site. This allowed users to try out Fischer products, drill holes and actually fit them, all from the safety of a virtual environment.

Fischer now plan to roll this VR application out as a training tool for their internal staff, with the VR application being suitable for both events, marketing and also training, thus expanding the number of uses for their VR project.

“We gave VRE quite a broad brief, not knowing anything about virtual reality and the benefits and abilities of the software. The VRE team developed and delivered a bespoke package to the business that exactly suited our requirements, even when we weren’t fully aware of them ourselves. The software platform perfectly emulated a “real life” construction site and the usable items (drills, anchors, cleaning utensils, steel plates) reflected the processes needed for perfect anchor installation. The VRE team really made our first steps into the world of VR much easier. So much so that the business as a whole have decided to further our training resources with the addition of VR.”
– Dan Czerwinski, Head of Marketing


Working with Pinghub and the Keeni Kessler Gallery we delivered an innovative live collaborstive project allowing artists in the UK and also Malaysia to collaborate in the same VR space. Using VR Art software artists were able to work together on installations and explore various themes relating to the “Silk Road through the ages” exhibition. This exhibition exploring how the Silk Road allowed the transport of ideas as well as goods.

We also supplemented this event using our cutting edge scanning equipment allowing artists physical work to be digitised and imported into the VR environment for further collaboration.

VRE specialise in collaborative VR events and we are able to link up Malaysia and Singapore using VR with partners around the world. If you would like to allow your teams to share a VR environment for an event or team building then we can help.


VRE developed a VR application allowing users to apply a range of makeup and practice a broad set of make up skills.

Working with their marketing and events team we created an experience for a launch event that allowed customers to learn key skills, through experimentation, using their products in a number of different ways and then quickly and easily wiping the results and starting again.

Results from the 3d makeup models were saved and printed allowing guests to capture their work and also aiding dissemination on social media channels.

“We asked the team to build us an interactive and creative platform for our Christmas 2018 Press Show. Despite a very quick turnaround time, they delivered exactly what we were after and helped us to deliver a very successful press day. Thanks VRE team!”
– Shannen, Debenhams Public Relations Team


VRE recently worked with award winning London PR agency Taylor Herring to deliver a unique VR experience for their client Tourism Western Australia on a train packed full of commuters.

Instead of the usual British weather and drizzly grey skies, commuters had the chance to visit Western Australia on the way to work and experience a much sunnier and warmer environment. Customers also were able to experience swimming with whale sharks and petting quokka! Using Samsung Gear VR and synchro software VRE were able to provide a simultaneous visit to Western Australia for all the commuters while they sat comfortably on the train.


Working with a major pharmaceuticals company VRE helped them create an AR experience for the Hololens.

This AR experience educated clients with regards the features and benefits of their new innovative product packaging, showing how it prevents missed dosage and improved the reliability and convenience of the process.

VRE developed the content and also deployed this with multiple Hololens, at a show in Munich as part of our joined up content creation and event services


VRE supported Tinder with a major marketing project across Europe, we designed and developed a VR experience that allowed users to experience an adventurous and challenging task that also formed part of a national competition with prizes.

Our teams then delivered this VR experience across France and UK over a period of two months visiting a huge number of venues with thousands of users passing through this exciting VR experience.


VRE supported HSBC’s Belt and Road project with a VR experience that we delivered around the world, with numerous trips to the United States to share this experience with delegates, our teams also travelled across Europe to deliver this at venues and promote their projects.




We will work with you to determine your event goals, the theme, and explore what are the best options for your event. Part of this is showing you what VR and AR can do and the typical experiences you can create with the various technologies and VR applications. Typically we come to your office, so you can try out in person all the options and decide with our help which solutions best fit your event goals.

For simple events we can offer cost effective options that offer high event impact, using off the shelf licensed software that we know exactly how to apply in event contexts, using our own additional materials alongside these applications to amplify the impact.

For events requiring some bespoking we offer a broad range of solutions, from simple holographic models of your products on your stand at a trade show, through to a fully developed VR application that allows delegates to try out your products and services. For full details on our bespoking services click here.

We are a very creative team and have run VR events is some very strange places for a broad range of purposes, from running VR in the street for Disney, to VR on trains for companies running special events.


We know that it is not just about the equipment, we know logistics and we like to have a plan, A, B and C. For this reason we plan all the logistics for events in detail, delivery, access, de-rig, we will go through all the fine details with you to ensure we can get the right access, at the right time and deliver the right experience.

As part of our event planning we also build in lots of extra redundancy to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, this is in time, personnel and also equipment.


On the day of your event our expert teams will ensure all your delegates have a great experience, it is not the equipment that delegates always remember but often instead the friendly personable staff who run the event.

Our staff are very knowledgeable about VR, but at the same time have the personal touch and are attentive and sensitive to users needs as some VR experiences can be a little scary for some users.

They will set up your event, keeping you informed of how it will all work, make recommendations on the day if anything changes at the venue and manage the whole event from beginning to end.

Link the VR/AR Experience to your Company

VR is great for events, conferences and exhibitions and our clients have always been pleased with its impact.

What is even better however, is tailored, relevant bespoked content designed with your company in mind.

This allows you to synergise the VR experience with your company, to deliver the wow factor. The experience creates curious questions engaging with the audience’s emotions and allowing you to involve them directly in your product or service in a memorable kinaesthetic way that will make you stand out.

We offer a customisable VR and AR experience service enabling clients to do this.

Go Beyond just Adding your Logos

We can do a lot more than add your logos to a VR application, you can:

  • Showcase a new tool or piece of equipment and let people try it out in a completely safe environment
  • Challenge people to complete a task using your product or service
  • Let people learn about your company by “doing”, the proven best way to learn
  • Let people select additional product information themselves in their own time, either with AR or VR providing as much information as they want or need just by touching your product

Creative VR/AR Event Design

We like coming up with exciting and innovative ways to engage.As a very creative team we always think out of the box.

So if you are looking for a different approach or way of showcasing your event then talk to us and we will always present you with a range of creative ideas for using VR/AR and linking it to your event.

Collaboration is Key

Here at VRE we like to collaborate, we also know that human beings are essentially social beings and that collaboration is in our nature.

So we like to bring this into our client VR events, getting delegates working together to build something or solve a problem is a sure fire way to create energy, engagement and memorable experiences at an event.

We are able to build collaborative VR and AR experiences for your event using any of the main VR and AR platforms.


If you have a VR event you would like us to add to our directory then:


Keeping up with the rapid pace of change and development in the VR community is hard, so we have included below a summary of all the main VR events happening in the UK and the EU in 2018.

We have also listed VR exhibitions where VR is currently being used and general public can experience some amazing VR environments, like the stunning VR Star Wars experience currently running at Westfield.

These VR events allowing you to

  • Discover the future of VR and AR, where is it now and where is it going?
  • Engage in discussions with developers to see what is possible and what will soon be possible
  • Discuss with companies and practitioners to see how they are applying VR and its benefits to organisations
  • Engage in workshops, masterclasses and company suites to see what international companies are doing in the VR space
  • Explore how VR is being used in marketing, training, education, health, sales and business
  • Discover the impact VR and AR is going to have on society, cultures and working practices around the globe


NameStart dateEnd dateLocationPriceEvent typeDescriptionLink
AVR 360 Show12th March 201913th March 2019ExCel, LondonTBAConferenceThe AVR 360 show returns to the ExCel Center in London to bring together the leading exponents of the exciting and fast-developing VR and AR market. Expect industry-leading delegates and speakers, as well as debates, presentations, product demons and networking.AVR 360 Show
AR & VR World11th June 201913th June 2019ExCel, LondonFreeExpoAR & VR World is back, showcasingthe AR and VR technology and business strategies of today. This conference promises a look at the market with case studies from key brands pioneering these technologiesAR & VR World
VR WorldTBATBABristol, TBCTBAConferenceFor what will be it’s 4th year, VR World have confirmed that they will be returning in 2019 with a 2 day conference and exhibition focused on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality and its impact beyond gaming.VR World
CES (Consumer Electronics Show)1/7/20201/10/2020Las Vegas, NevadaFreeExhibitionCES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the
International Conference on Virtual Reality2/8/20202/10/2020SingaporeFreeConferenceCVR 2020 is a forum to discuss new advances and developments in virtual reality by involving researchers, senior technical people, domain experts, and academics together. It is sponsored by International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology and technically assisted by many universities and institutes. Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting original works that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in related fields of virtual
XR Summit ISE2/11/20202/11/2020Hotel Akura, Amsterdam250 EURConferenceTaking place alongside the annual Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event, the XR Summit is a half-day B2B conference designed to provide insight into, and understanding of, the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industry. It explores the latest in immersive technologies, as well as business strategies and solutions, with a primary focus on how they impact and empower the audiovisual (AV) business.XR Summit
Industrial VR/AR Forum2/25/20202/26/2020The Westin Galleria, HoustonFrom $399Forum & ExpoThe second annual Industrial VR/AR Forum is a premier gathering for professionals in the enterprise XR, connected workforce, training, learning and development, R&D, HS&E, data, spatial computing and technology sectors, as well as industry thought leaders, wearable tech innovators and digital innovation pioneers. The event will explore and adnvance the concepts that will revolutionse tomorrow’s energy/engineering immersive tech workplaces.Industrial VR/AR Forum
Vertex2/27/20202/28/2020Olympia Conference LondonFree – £75ExpoThe ultimate conference for 2D and 3D artists, Vertex, combines the authority of the UK’s leading professional design website,, and specialist magazines 3D World and ImagineFX, with industry expertise across the world of
Wearable Technology Show3/1/20203/10/2020London£10 – £500ConferenceWTS2020 is the largest business and prosumer show featuring cutting edge technology under one roof. It is the biggest and best forum for forming partnerships and developing new business across the wearable, smart device and IOT landscape. Over 5,000 delegates, 200 speakers and 300 press will come together to exchange views, network and do business. The show floor will feature cutting edge technology attracting prosumers, distributors and
AVR 360 Show3/10/20203/11/2020Business Design Centre, LondonTBAConference
& Expo
“The AVR 360 Show will once again bring together leading exponents of the fast-moving VR, AR and mixed reality market from around the world for a series of engaging talks, debates, presentations, product demos, networking and much more. The event is co-located with the Wearable Technology and Digital Health Technology Shows.”Augmented Reality Show
VRDC (Virtual Reality Developers Conference)3/16/20203/17/2020San Francisco, California$199 – $2,499ConferenceLearn to create amazing, immersive VR and AR experiences for games and entertainment at the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC). Be inspired, learn from experts, and share best practices to create augmented and virtual reality for games, films, and other forms of
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality in Training, Education and HR3/20/20203/20/2020London£600EventOn this 1-day workshop, our Immersive technology trainer will introduce attendees to the fundamental aspects and creating, delivering and integrating training and educational experiences with and in virtual reality and augmented technology. Attendees will learn how immersive experiences can be employed to train and teach; appreciate some of the creative possibilities, and explore some sample use-case
IEEE Virtual Reality3/22/20203/26/2020Atlanta, GeorgiaTBAConferenceThe IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) is the premier international event for the presentation of research results in the broad area of virtual reality (VR). Since 1993, IEEE VR has presented groundbreaking research and accomplishments by virtual reality pioneers: scientists, engineers, designers, and artists, paving the way for the future. A globally recognized event for introducing the next big advancements in VR, IEEE VR 2020 will feature oral presentations, posters, research demos, and
Augmented World Expo3/28/20203/29/2020Shenzhen, China$70 – $435ExpoWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s most essential AR+VR conference and expo series. We run annual conferences in the USA, Asia, Israel, Europe, and Asia. Since 2010, our conferences have attracted a diverse mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, founders and top press in a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn, inspire, partner, and experience first-hand the most exciting industry of our
Realities 3603/31/20204/2/2020Orlando, Florida$1,395-1,895Conference and expoRealities360 Conference & Expo is made to bring your AR & VR solutions to life. This is the event for those looking to build, buy, apply, and explore augmented and virtual realities in their
XR Europe 20204/28/20204/29/2020London, UK£800 – 2,200ConferenceXR Europe unites and drives forward the continent’s immersive industry. Gain practical takeaways no matter your role within this diverse and growing
Facebook F8 Developer Conference5/5/20205/6/2020San Jose, CATBAConferenceFacebook F8 is a mostly-annual conference held by Facebook, intended for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around the website. It was hosted in San Francisco, California until 2016, and moved to a more central Silicon Valley location in San Jose, California in
XR Immersive Enterprise 20205/5/20205/6/2020Boston, Massachusetts$999 – $2,999ConferenceThis is why XR Immersive Enterprise is the only place bringing together 300+ experts from across enterprise and tech to set the bar for the future of XR. Discover the strategies to deliver an effective rollout, no matter the business application or industry vertical you work
Augmented World Expo5/27/20205/29/2020Santa Clara, California$249.00 – $1295.00Conference and expoSpatial computing is at a critical crossroads. Find out why as industry leaders take the AWE stage. Hear from those sharing real-life use cases, solving major technical challenges, bringing AR/VR into new sectors, considering ethical and legal issues, promoting diversity, and working on the cutting edge of AR/VR development. Don’t miss the chance to experience the greatest disruptive technology since the
Photokina5/27/20205/30/2020Cologne, GermanyReleased Feb 2020ExpoPioneering innovations, countless new products, top events, exciting workshops and live shoots – photokina presents “Imaging unlimited”! As the global business and community platform, here you will experience like nowhere else what fascinating possibilities imaging technologies including mobile, video & cine or AR/VR can open up for
IVRPA (International Conference for Virtual Reality Professionals)TBDTBDTBDTBDConferenceThe International Virtual Reality Professionals Association is an international association of photographers who create and produce 360° Panoramas and other Virtual Reality Content including 360° Video, 360° Virtual Tours, Gigapixel Panoramas, and
Cinegear Expo6/4/20206/7/2020Los Angeles, California$139 – $259ExpoCine Gear features 300 exhibits, new product and service introductions, 30+ complimentary seminars led by industry leaders, master classes, film competition, awards ceremony, special screenings in state of the art theaters and ample opportunity to network with peers within a studio
VRTO6/6/20206/8/2020Toronto, CanadaCA$209.31 – CA$468.76Conference and ExpoA unique, international exhibition of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, professional conference and solutions-focused symposium exploring arts, culture, society, humanities, ethics and sciences through immersive
E36/9/20206/11/2020Los Angeles, CaliforniaTickets on sale FebruaryExpoWith its focus fixed on video games, E3 is where product launches happen, ground-breaking technologies are debuted, and news is
VR & AR World6/10/20206/11/2020London, UKFreeExpoAugmented Reality & Virtual Reality World Summit is an augmented reality & virtual reality event that showcases the technology and business strategies of today. It is breaking down myths around the limitations of immersive technology for
CES Asia6/10/20206/12/2020Shanghai, ChinaTBAExpoExperience groundbreaking technology and get in touch with the world’s brightest minds at Asia’s leading tech event. CES Asia is the place where startups, entrepreneurs and global brands converge to form game-changing
Mobile World Congress Shanghai6/3/20207/2/2020Shanghai, ChinaPress onlyExpoShowcase your vision and make a connection. Join the growing list of exhibitors gathering in Shanghai to showcase the newest technologies, innovative products & services, and big ideas at MWC Shanghai
SIGGRAPH7/19/20207/23/2020Washington, D.C.TBAConference and ExpoInspiration creates progress. At SIGGRAPH, join other researchers, artists, and technologists for the largest conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive
World XR ForumTBDTBDGeneva,
FIVARS (Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality)TBDTBD/td>Toronto,
IFA9/4/20209/9/2020Berlin, GermanyTBAExpo100% IFAtainment – Media, games, communication, photo & video, audio entertainment, home entertainment, smart home, smart appliances and so much more. IFA transforms Berlin into the technology capital – with stars and innovations up close!
Oculus Connect 79/25/20209/26/2020San Jose, CaliforniaTBDConferenceOculus Connect 6 gathered the industry’s leading developers, creators and visionaries to celebrate VR’s journey and the road
Unity Unite Los AngelesTBDTBDLos Angeles, CaliforniaUnite is the place to unlock the full creative potential of the Unity platform, meet up and brainstorm with Unity experts and industry leaders, and get a peek at what Unity will bring you in the
Augmented World Expo10/15/202010/16/2020Munich, Germany$249.00 – $1295.00Conference and expoAWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s most essential AR+VR conference and expo, with annual dates in the USA, Asia, Israel and Europe, as well as meetup chapters around the world. AWE brings together a diverse mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, founders and top press in a