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Corporate VR Events

VRE specialise in corporate VR events and activations, with extensive experience delivering large VR events to businesses across the international stage.

We offer the full VR event management service, covering equipment, well trained and personable VR staff and VR software design and sourcing for your event.

Based in Central London, but international in scope, we have run VR events for blue chip companies in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Typical corporate VR events include, company parties, employee engagement, charity dinners, product launches, trade shows, seminars, conferences and of course creative PR events.

We also offer specific Team Building events – click here


6 Reasons Why You Should Use Virtual Reality for Your Event

Creating VR Events That Engage

VRE blend the latest technology with creativity and a deep understanding of human behaviour and psychology for engagement that makes your VR event, exhibition or product launch memorable.

Our mixed specialisms in virtual reality and psychology allow us to provide VR events that use the technology to its best effect. We know how VR should be used and the best ways to engage users, draw crowds and link the VR event to your overall event theme or company services.

A Flexible Range of VR Event Solutions

We offer a wide range of VR solutions for all types of VR events, from very large events with thousands of attendees, to smaller teams or focus groups where there may be additional requirements.

We can offer the full range of VR event experiences, from very simple fun and emotive experiences, through to experiences where delegates have to solve problems, right through to exciting multiplayer VR where teams have to work together off planet to survive.

Bespoke VR and AR for your VR Event

Would you like to have your own branded VR experience for your VR event?

Sometimes a client requires a branded experience, or even a simple application to showcase a product feature or key company service. Take a look at some of our Virtual reality event ideas.

Our team of developers can create new VR/AR experiences that match your event’s needs exactly.
So instead of an “off the shelf” solution you can instead have your own bespoke VR experience.

It is not as expensive as you think and we can cost effectively create your own company AR (hololens) or VR (Rift) experience to showcase your own product or service at your event.

Prices start from as little as £500 for a bespoke Hololens Event Experience.

More Info

Havaianas- Case Study

Havaianas had an important European launch event in Madrid and required an AR application at very short notice to showcase their new range of footwear.

Working closely with their marketing and events team, VRE created a Havaianas AR application running on Hololens within 7 days.

This allowed them to showcase their new footwear in an engaging and fun way, with users building a beach scene complete with cocktail drinks. Users then placing the new range of footwear in their new environment, walking round they could rotate and resize the footwear and explore the new products from all angles.

This project demonstrates how well AR can be integrated into the retail sector and when used correctly can encourage a great retail consumer experience, highlighting features and benefits, providing additional information on the product and most importantly driving consumer engagement.

“We commissioned VRE to create a Hololens application for a major Havaianas event in Madrid at very short notice, they amazingly turned it around in just 7 days and flew out to Madrid to deliver it on time and we were extremely pleased with the end product.”
– Filippo Trentin, Alpargatass, Havaianas.

Fischer – Case Study

Fischer had an important company-wide event and commissioned VRE to create a VR application that allowed delegates to use their fixing products and see how they work.

Working closely with their marketing, sales and engineering team VRE created a virtual construction site.  This allowed users to try out Fischer products, drill holes and actually fit them, all from the safety of a virtual environment.

Due to health and safety Fischer would normally be restricted from giving this hands-on experience to many users, using VR however massively expands the number of people who can now come into contact with their products and see exactly how easy they are to use and the process for doing so.

Fischer now plan to roll this VR application out as a training tool for their internal staff, with the VR application being suitable for both events, marketing and also training, thus expanding the number of uses for their VR project.

This project demonstrates how VR events can create memorable experiences with users also reporting they know exactly how to use Fischer products now after one quick VR experience.

“We gave VRE quite a broad brief, not knowing anything about virtual reality and the benefits and abilities of the software.  The VRE team developed and delivered a bespoke package to the business that exactly suited our requirements, even when we weren’t fully aware of them ourselves. The software platform perfectly emulated a “real life” construction site and the usable items (drills, anchors, cleaning utensils, steel plates) reflected the processes needed for perfect anchor installation.  The VRE team really made our first steps into the world of VR much easier. So much so that the business as a whole have decided to further our training resources with the addition of VR.”
– Dan Czerwinski, Head of Marketing

Synchronised Samsung Gear VR on a Train – Case Study

VRE recently worked with award winning London PR agency Taylor Herring to deliver a unique VR experience for their client Tourism Western Australia on a train packed full of commuters.

Instead of the usual British weather and drizzly grey skies, commuters had the chance to visit Western Australia on the way to work and experience a much sunnier and warmer environment. Customers also were able to experience swimming with whale sharks and petting quokka! Using Samsung Gear VR and synchro software VRE were able to provide a simultaneous visit to Western Australia for all the commuters while they sat comfortably on the train.

Cutting-Edge VR and AR Multiplayer Platforms for your VR Event

We offer a lot more than the usual “off the shelf experiences” that you might find; we have developed our own proprietary multiplayer platforms for both VR and AR.

Developed in-house by our own game developers and psychologists, these unique platforms allow your delegates to work together to overcome challenges and have powerful shared experiences in VR. They are also extremely fun!

AR Multiplayer For Your Event or Team Building
VR Multiplayer For Your Event or Team Building

Your Event Process

Event brief and creative discussions

We will work with you to determine your event goals, the theme, and explore what are the best options for your event.  Part of this is showing you what VR and AR can do and the typical experiences you can create with the various technologies and VR applications.  Typically we come to your office, so you can try out in person all the options and decide with our help which solutions best fit your event goals.

For simple events we can offer cost effective options that offer high event impact, using off the shelf licensed software that we know exactly how to apply in event contexts, using our own additional materials alongside these applications to amplify the impact.

For events requiring some bespoking we offer a broad range of solutions, from simple holographic models of your products on your stand at a trade show, through to a fully developed VR application that allows delegates to try out your products and services.  For full details on our bespoking services click here.

We are a very creative team and have run VR events is some very strange places for a broad range of purposes, from running VR in the street for Disney, to VR on trains for companies running special events.

Event Planning

We know that it is not just about the equipment, we know logistics and we like to have a plan, A, B and C.  For this reason we plan all the logistics for events in detail, delivery, access, de-rig, we will go through all the fine details with you to ensure we can get the right access, at the right time and deliver the right experience.

As part of our event planning we also build in lots of extra redundancy to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, this is in time, personnel and also equipment.

3 Event Delivery

On the day of your event our expert teams will ensure all your delegates have a great experience, it is not the equipment that delegates always remember but often instead the friendly personable staff who run the event.

Our staff are very knowledgeable about VR, but at the same time have the personal touch and are attentive and sensitive to users needs as some VR experiences can be a little scary for some users.

They will set up your event, keeping you informed of how it will all work, make recommendations on the day if anything changes at the venue and manage the whole event from beginning to end.

Whats On: Public VR Events, VR Conferences and VR Exhibitions

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change and development in the VR community is hard, so we have included below a summary of all the main VR events happening in the UK and the EU in 2018.

These VR events allowing you to:

  • Discover the future of VR and AR, where is it now and where is it going?
  • Engage in discussions with developers to see what is possible and what will soon be possible
  • Discuss with companies and practitioners to see how they are applying VR and its benefits to organisations
  • Engage in workshops, masterclasses and company suites to see what international companies are doing in the VR space
  • Explore how VR is being used in marketing, training, education, health, sales and business
  • Discover the impact VR and AR is going to have on society, cultures and working practices around the globe

If you have a VR event you would like us to add to our directory then please contact us here.

We have also listed VR exhibitions where VR is currently being used and general public can experience some amazing VR environments, like the stunning VR Star Wars experience currently running at Westfield.

2018 VR Events UK

Name Start date End date Location Price Event type Description Link
AVR Show 13/03/2018 14/03/2018 ExCel, London Free – £999.00 Conference AVR360 will bring together the leading exponents of this exciting and fast developing market from across the globe, including industry-leading delegates and speakers as well as engaging debates, presentations, product demonstrations, networking and more! Click here
Future Tech Now: Virtual Reality 05/04/2018 07/04/2018 Business Design Centre, London £22.00 – £190.00 Conference and Workshops Future Tech now is no ordinary trade show. We know that the quickest route to understanding new tech and feeling inspired by its creative potential, is to get hands-on. We give you the opportunity to experience it first-hand through our interactive show features, while our conference sessions and workshops give you access to experts and case studies to help understand where this tech is now, and where it’s heading. Click here
How Virtual Reality Technology Will Shape Our Future? 25/04/2018 25/04/2018 Emmanuel Centre, London £25.00 – £40.00 Talk In this talk, Jeremy Bailenson, the founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, will discuss how Virtual Reality technology will shape the future and how it can be used to hone our performance, improve our learning and communication abilities, and enhance our empathic and imaginative capacities. Join us to understand how our world will be changed with the introduction of Virtual Reality technology. Click here
VRX Europe 11/05/2018 12/05/2018 Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London SW1V 1EQ TBC Summit The VRX event series is purpose built to provide companies with a platform to take advantage of the opportunities arising and address the inevitable challenges. Bringing together the world’s leading VR content creators, commercial leaders and respected analysts & experts, the two days in May set to be the best opportunity for those looking to position their business at the forefront of this new platform revolution. Click here
VR World 2018 22/05/2018 23/05/2018 Olympia, London Free – £800.00 Conference The leading industry event, covering the impact of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality beyond gaming. With such close parallels between realities, the VR World programme highlights where immersive technology is used rather than trying to split into tracks or theatres. Benefit from a complete market view of the immersive tools available to your business.  Click here
AR & VR World 12/06/2018 14/06/2018 ExCel, London Free Expo Featuring cutting-edge keynote presentations, demos and debates from a wide range of leading industry speakers, the award-winning AR & VR World show unites the entire VR and AR ecosystem to meet, network and do business under one roof. In 2018, AR & VR World is also part of TechXLR8, London Tech Week’s flagship show. So you can also take advantage of enhanced business opportunities, meeting and networking with 15,000 professionals at the forefront of technological advancement across IoT, 5G, DevOps, Cloud, Startups, Digital Customisation, Smart Mobility, AI, and Robotics. Click here
2018 Augmented & Virtual Reality Conference 21/06/2018 22/06/2018 Manchester Metropolitan University £99.00 – £130.00 Conference More info soon to be announced. Last year’s event featured a number of engaging academic talks that targeted industry as well as academia. Looks like an interesting one to keep an eye on. Click here
The UK Virtual Reality Festival 06/07/2018 07/07/2018 Ravensbourne, London TBC Networking, Talks, Workshops VRUK is designed for you to learn, talk and play in a unique and informal environment. Our programme is flexible so that you can mix and match sessions to create a personalised experience that suits your needs. Click here
Techspo London 05/09/2018 06/09/2018 TBC TBC Expo TECHSPO brings together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists looking to set the pace in our advanced world of technology. Showcasing the next generation of technology & innovation; Internet, Mobile, Adtech, Martech and SaaS Technologies, Exhibitors have the opportunity to show off their companies to thousands of consumers, the highest caliber investors, hordes of press, the most sought after talent, and the greatest pool of tech enthusiasts looking to celebrate emerging venture. Be prepared to be inspired, amazed and educated on how these evolving technologies will impact your business for the better. Click here
The Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Explored 14/11/2018 14/11/2018 Digital Catapult, London £12.00 Meetup Networking opportunities, talk from Jonathan Tustain (‘The Current State of VR & Future Outlook’), panel discussion and Q&A.  Click here
VR World Congress TBC TBC Bristol, TBC TBC Conference VRWC has become an unmissable occasion: an industry-leading VR conference, expo and matchmaking event now spanning three jam-packed days with a raft of world-class speakers and exhibitors. VRWC17 took place in three of Bristol’s most unique venues, bringing 2000 international guests to one of the UK’s leading tech sectors. We can expect 2018’s event to offer a similarly excellent conference experience. Stay tuned to the VRWC website for more information. Click here
Virtual Reality Evolution TBC TBC TBC TBC Conference Learn about the latest VR technology and the corresponding economic potential. Understand the innovative uses and applications of VR from companies that have already trodden the path of implementation. Gain cutting-edge insight into virtual reality technology and how it can be commercialized. Enjoy market-leading content from industry leaders on the business case for implementing VR. Develop strategic plans for VR uses and learn how to leverage them in your business. Get involved in the great networking opportunities with a range of IT and tech professionals who are taking advantage of VR. Relive the content with unlimited, on-demand access to the video recordings of all presentations. Click here

2018 VR Events Europe

Name Start date End date Location Price Event type Description Link
Mobile World Conference 26/02/2018 01/03/2018 Barcelona €799.00 – €4,999.00 Summit The mobile world connects in Barcelona. Discover the future of mobile as top companies give an exclusive first look at the latest innovations. Click here
IEEE VR 18/03/2018 22/03/2018 Stadthalle Reutlingen, Germany €200.00 – €795.00 Conference, Workshops and Panels A wide range of fascinating discussions are on the programme for IEEE VR 2018. Exploring deeper questions about the issues and cultural context of VR and AR. Professors from leading universities across the world speak on discussion panels and oversee deep level workshops on a range of topics, from 3D Collaborative Virtual Environments to Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in VR, and much in between. Click here
LAVAL Virtual 04/04/2018 08/04/2018 Polyvalent Hall, France €325.00 – €325.00 Expo, Roundtables, Investment Forum Since 1999, Laval has been the reference for these developments and the European leader in the fields of new technologies and uses of the virtual world with 300 exhibitors expected in 2018. The show is welcoming more visitors each year, 17,700 visitors in 2017, and a constant diversification of the sectors represented: Industry, Heritage, Health, Training, Marketing, Culture, etc. This growth reinforces the Laval Virtual status, which unites the whole new technology community. Click here
FMX: Creating Worlds 24/04/2018 27/04/2018 Stuttgart, Germany TBC Conference Every year, VFX specialists, Animation experts as well as Games and Transmedia talents come to FMX to present cutting edge achievements, state of the art tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies, spectacular immersive experiences, innovative business models and more. More recently they have been joined by VR, AR, and 360° creatives who have introduced a new dimension into movie making and, more generally, into entertainment. Every single one of them defines the diverse scope of the Conference program. Their contributions are complemented by the Marketplace that allows visitors to get their hands on the latest innovations of industry-leading companies and start-ups. Workshops, Masterclasses and Company Suites dig even deeper into the learnings of international companies. To round things off, top-notch studios and service providers scout talent at the Recruiting Hub and international schools present their best projects on the School Campus. Click here
ARVR Innovate Conference 10/05/2018 11/05/2018 Dublin, Ireland €192.62 – €984.00 Conference Whether you’re still mastering the core competencies you’ll need to apply in the workplace, or you’re looking to leverage your demonstrated leadership skills, ARVR Innovate is the perfect place for you. At ARVR Innovate, you can evaluate and test the latest products and technology in your area of expertise. We’re bringing the top speakers in Europe in the AR and VR field to our event and they cover the whole spectrum of user case-studies from enterprise and consumer perspectives. Spend time in our Expo area to get hands-on experience that will help you guide the decision-making process when your organization is ready to make the move into AR and VR. Discuss emerging trends in the AR and VR field and find new avenues to approach future issues and technologies. We have some great start-up companies attending too, who are keen to meet potential investors and partners. Click here
VRX Europe 2018 17/05/2018 18/5/2018 Novotel Amsterdam City, Amsterdam €999.00 – €1,199.00 Click here
World VR Forum 07/06/2018 10/06/2018 Crans-Montana, Switzerland TBC WVRF opens up the debate whilst seeking to address contemporary topics related to technology, culture, philosophy and education, which are affected by VR/AR. It is about confronting ideas and understanding the current and future directions of creations. What are the challenges for broadcasters, developers and for the cultural industries in general? Click here
AWE Europe 2018 18/10/2018 19/10/2018 Munich, Germany TBC Summit AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). The event takes place in three locations: California, USA, Munich, Germany and Beijing, China. AWE brings together a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, and top press in a fantastic opportunity to learn, inspire, partner, and experience first hand the most exciting industry of our times. Click here
Virtual Reality Software and Technology 08/11/2018 10/11/2018 Gothenburg, Sweden TBC Symposium The ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) is an international forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge among researchers and developers concerned with virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) software and technology. VRST provides an opportunity for VR/AR researchers to interact, share new results, show live demonstrations of their work, and discuss emerging directions for the field. Click here

2018 VR Experiences and Exhibitions

Name Opening times Location Price Event type Description Link
Star Wars Experince 16/12/2017 – 07/03/2018 Westfield, London £30.00 Experience A galaxy far, far away needs your help. In teams of four, be transported with family and friends in a brand new hyper-reality experience from Lucasfilm, ILMxLAB and The VOID. Under the orders of the budding rebellion, your team will travel to the molten planet of Mustafar. Your mission is to recover Imperial intelligence vital to the rebellion’s survival. Alongside the pragmatic droid K-2S0, your team must navigate through an enemy facility walking into danger at every turn. Disguised as stormtroopers, grab your blaster, solve puzzles, and fight giant lava monsters in an effort to fulfill your team’s orders. Pushing the boundaries of location-based virtual reality, The VOID and ILMxLAB bring the Star Wars universe to life through a multi-sensory, untethered story. Click here
The View: Vertigo Mon – Fri between 10am – 17.30pm TBC £10.00 Experience Test your nerve and fear of heights on Vertigo! This virtual adventure sees the building fall away, leaving you suspended in the air, walking across The Shard’s early infrastructure and balancing on the stripped back construction site of Western Europe’s tallest building. Romeo the fox – our mascot that represents the intrepid real fox who was discovered on Level 72 during construction of the building – also makes an appearance as you take your instructions from the site foreman. Click here
The View: The Slide Mon – Fri between 10am – 17.30pm TBC £10.00 Experience Enjoy the thrill of travelling at up to 100mph on the world’s highest virtual slide! Experience heights up to 800ft above London on an adrenaline-fuelled 360-degree virtual reality experience that swoops and slides through the city’s skyline. The hair-raising ride takes you on an extreme multi-sensory journey and finally answers the call of Londoners to turn The Shard into a helter skelter! Click here