VR Hire for Concerts: Reward your Teams with Unforgettable Music Performances

A lot of your teams love a music event, but may be too busy to attend, a brilliant way to reward your teams is to bring the event to them with VR. The dynamic power of Virtual Reality can catapult audiences of live performances into another dimension, supercharging the electrifying ambience of the show. Our VR Hire for Performances aims to transform each event into an increlible spectacle that breaks the conventional mold of artistic presentations.

Recently both Calvin Harris and Fat Boy Slim have given concerts in VR and with good reason, it expands the experience hugely, concert goers can be surrounded by kaleidoscopic fish in one second and all moving with the beat of the music. With amazing visuals changing every few seconds, the whole VR experience becoming somewhat hypnotic.

Big players like Pico and Meta are now moving into the VR concert space with Pico recently sponsoring a Calvin Harris concert.

Attending a Multisensory Experience with Virtual Reality

Visualize attending a show where you are not just an observer but an interactive participant, engaging with the melody and the spectacle in a way that isn’t feasible in traditional settings. With our VR Hire for Performances, we offer an immersive, deeply emotional journey. Whether it’s virtual stages that position you alongside your beloved artist, or synesthetic adventures where you can visualize and interact with the melody, the possibilities are bound only by creativity.

You can attend VR concerts anywhere, from the comfort of your office or living room, we can bring our VR hire to you, set it up in a spare room or office ready for your event. It’s a great way to rewards staff who are regular live music attendees and the experiences are so powerful that they appeal to everyone, even those who do not attend live music normally.

Boosting Accessibility via VR

One of the best things about VR technology is that it can make performances more accessible to people who are unable to attend in person. Our VR Hire for Performances meansindividuals can experience the exhilaration of a live show, expanding potential audiences for artists and potential revenue streams for event organizers and also being more inclusive when arranging events for employees or teams at work

Easy Access and support for VR Music Events and Concerts

We make it really easy to attend VR music events (or sport events!), there are two main ways we can provide our services:

In person VR Hire – We come to your offices and set up a VR concert space, we recommend a seated experience (for comfort and safety) and chairs to spaced apart sufficiently so users cannot come into contact with each other with inevitable excitement. We arrive 2 hours before the event, set up, no need for access to power and we provide headphones for each delegate too to remove all ambient noise.

Remote VR hire – we have VR hire hubs set up around the world and can ship headsets to your office within a couple of days, our orientation team will then prepare your delegates for their upcoming event over a Teams/Zoom call. After the event simply stick on the return label and the headsets will be collected from your office (or employees homes) and returned to us, no fuss, very convenient.

Seamless Execution of the VR Experience

When you engage our VR services, we manage every aspect of the implementation. From setting up the necessary equipment to controlling user traffic and troubleshooting any potential issues, our team ensures a seamless experience. We prioritize the safety and comfort of the spectators, providing user-friendly equipment and guidance for an optimum VR encounter.

The integration of VR into live performances can dramatically elevate the entire experience, generating performances that will resonate with audiences well after the final act. With our VR Hire for Performances, the future of live shows has arrived.

Reward Your Teams with Surprise VR Events

We can keep a secret, if you want us to set up a VR music event we can do so quietly and quickly and what better way to finish a busy project or week than with an amazing and unforgettable music experience.

Talk to us now about upcoming music events, concerts and experiences and we will be happy to also demo one for you.