VR Hire

We provide virtual reality hire UK wide, with same day delivery in London and next day delivery to the rest of the United Kingdom.

The equipment below is available for both short and long term rental.

Offering top spec equipment to ensure optimal reliability, performance and experience.

In addition, we supply everything in protective hard cases, to ensure that your equipment arrives safely.

Who is it for?

We provide B2B services and our VR Hire suits companies that have experience in using VR and are familiar with the technology. If you have not used VR equipment before we recommend our friendly and experienced facilitators to help set up and assist in the smooth running of your VR event. This also allows you to focus on the other parts of your conference or VR event and leave the tech to us.

Should you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a bespoke service for your company, please call us on 020 7867 3908.

Alternatively send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

VR hire helps you keep up-to-date with the latest technology

The VR headset market is actually becoming more diverse with many more headsets coming out each year from many different manufacturers, by hiring companies are able to test and evaluate the latest headsets without capital investment, it also means event companies and companies attending exhibitions can hire the latest and most appropriate equipment for their event.

We stock all the latest headsets and are constantly looking at new VR kit that is coming out, recent additions include:

  • Pimax 8k Plus Hire
  • Pico G2 4K Hire
  • Varjo Hire
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Virtual Reality Headsets & Hardware For Hire

HP Reverb G2 Hire

High resolution and great ergonomics.

Pico Neo 2 Eye Hire

Advanced eye tracking and a tetherless 4K headset, this is the future of enterprise VR headsets.

Pico G2 4K Hire

The new Pico G2 4k headset offers you the chance to experience virtual reality without cables or a PC – and it’s now available for hire from Virtual Reality Experiences.


Vive Pro Wireless Hire

VR as it was meant to be experienced, no wires, true freedom to move around and with a high resolution headset

Oculus Quest Hire

Top specs, built-in. No cables, no PC. Just a full-fat Oculus experience in a wireless headset. A game changer.

oculus rental and hire headset virtual reality

Oculus Rift Hire

The Oculus Rift system includes a comfortable virtual reality headset and is a premium offering alongside the HTC Vive system.

oculus go vr hire

Oculus Go Hire

Effortlessly enter Virtual reality with no computer or wires attached. Designed with adjustable straps, breathable fabrics, and some of the best lenses yet.

Oculus Rift S Hire

The Oculus Rift S system includes a comfortable virtual reality headset and is a premium offering alongside original Rift and the HTC Vive system

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

HTC Vive Pro Hire

Better resolution, better ergonomics, better integrated wireless solution from HTC.

HTC VR Hire headset

HTC Vive Hire

HTC Vive hire is arguably the best virtual reality experience with its room scale technology and wireless controllers.


Hololens is very different from others as it blends a holographic display with your current reality, giving what’s called augmented reality.

Hololens 2

HoloLens 2 is for sure the best MR headset on the market. For enterprise users it holds almost limitless use with the possibilities for applications in a variety of workplaces.

rental virtual reality with samsung hear headset

Samsung Gear VR Hire

A popular VR option for when you need a large number of individuals to experience a virtual reality application.

HTC VIVE Focus Hire

The VIVE Focus builds upon HTC’s winning formula from the VIVE and VIVE Pro, with this latest update removing the need for any cables whatsoever.

pc vr hire

VR PC System Hire

We run powerful VR-ready PC systems ensuring that you get the best virtual reality experience and give you a reliable and easy set up experience.

vr hire laptop

High Performance Virtual Reality Laptop / Gaming Laptop Hire

These high performance VR laptops offer a greater level of convenience, less cables, less fuss and great portability.

VR Racing Simulator

Go full throttle with our amazing VR Racing experience, force feedback steering and quality VR Cockpit, time to release your inner Steve McQueen.

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

Occipital 3d Structure Sensor Hire

Want to put some 3d objects into your virtual world?

VR TV Screen Hire

Some events may require a large screen so guests can see what VR experience the wearer is having. This can help draw crowds to your stand or simply allow others to share in the experience.

Pimax Vision 8K Plus Hire

Experience VR in a premium and high-fidelity headset as the Pimax Vision 8K Plus allows for the most immersive visuals and stunning 8K quality.

Varjo Hire

Varjo promise a ‘Resolution Revolution’ by setting a whole new standard in visual clarity for enterprise VR.

VR Hire for 2020 Our Thoughts and Recommendations

There are a huge number of new headsets coming out as manufacturers race to dominate this new technology space. Some have already fallen by the wayside but below are the current range of VR headsets we recommend for use this year for VR hire, VR events or exhibitions.

HTC Vive Pro Wireless

Probable the main reason to use the Vive pro is the excellent untethered wireless system, this works very well and for this reason we still provide Vive Pro wireless solutions.

Headset has high resolution too, higher than Rift so gives a great experience.

A bit more complicated to set up, needs a pair of tripods and power to each sensor on each tripod.

When to use
When you have plenty of space, a quick set up is not essential and you want the untethered experience (only really useful if you have lots more space).

Oculus Rift-S

Has the new inside out tracking, very easy to set up, also good safety features with the pass through cameras if you wander out the play space. Very light so provides a comfortable user experience at your VR event.

Not as high resolution as some of the latest VR headsets but good enough. Sensors a bit sensitive to light when we have used in sunny atriums etc.

When to use
Good general purpose headset, easy to use, comfortable and reliable.

Oculus Go

This replaced a lot of users having mobile phones and separate headsets, and is still a great dedicated device especially for larger events or shows where you want to show 360 videos. There are a few contenders now for this type of device so expect this will be updated by Oculus soon although some are saying Quest will replace this device completely.

A bit heavy as all the electrics and battery are located in the front headset. Limited hand tracking.

When to use
Ideal for 360 videos and synchronised 360 footage, can also play some simple 360 games with limited control using the supplied controller, this is not a full hand tracking VR headset like Quest.

Oculus Quest

Impressive when it came out, now we have used it a while we prefer the Rift-S for events. Untethered yes and this is a great feeling but overall not as versatile as the Rift-S.

The lower Hz it runs at (72Hz) means people are more likely to feel sick, this seems to be the case when we have used it. Also the headset is quite heavy on the face and the weight pulls down on your cheeks, giving the sensation your eyes are being pulled open.

When to use
A good consumer device but Rift-S is more versatile and comfortable.

Pico G2 4K

Pico is focused purely on the enterprise market, their headsets are well made and the G2 4K is higher resolution than the equivalent Oculus Go. The battery is also built into the headstrap at the back of the headset reducing the weight at the front.

Less content available than on the Oculus platform but this may change in the future.

When to use
When you want to show a 360 video in higher resolution this headset is ideal.

Pimax 8K Plus

We were very curious about this device, the huge FOV (field of view) and two 4K screens (one for each eye) promised a level of immersion never seen in any other HMD device. Our first experiences do indeed show a greatly increased field of view and really nice detail in applications due to the high resolution screens. Pimax have worked hard to improved the tracking and lenses and the latest iteration the 8K plus is a good headset with some unique features.

A bit more complicated to set up, needs a pair of tripods and power to each sensor on each tripod, it basically uses the Vive equipment.

When to use
When you have plenty of space, a quick set up is not essential and you want a large field of view in the headset.

VR Hire Full Headset Reviews

To help you make a better VR hire decision check out our reviews of the various headsets that have been popular the last two years.