High Performance Virtual Reality Laptop / Gaming Laptop VR Hire

For your VR Events we also run very powerful virtual reality ready gaming laptops ensuring that you get the best VR experience and give you a reliable and easy set up experience. These high performance VR laptops offer a greater level of convenience and portability, with less cables, and less fuss than a typical VR PC.

Our VR laptops also run the latest 2000 series Nvidia cards and so will run your VR experiences without any problems. These high performance laptops significantly exceed minimum VR specifications.

As laptops simplify VR set up all you need is the machine itself, if you want to connect it to an external display lets us know and we can include an appropriate cable in your VR hire to connect, depending on the headset you are using different cables will be required.

We have large stocks of laptops and can therefore run large scale VR events and activations around the world all on the same day.

Call us to reserve your hire dates on 020 7867 3908.