Hololens for your Event or Project

Virtual Reality Experiences offer extensive Hololens Hire Services, we have experience delivering these across the whole of Europe to allow companies to utilise the amazing technology that Hololens offers. Our Hololens Hire can be delivered next day anywhere in Europe to your business address.

We have supported many companies throughout the EU with Hololens, whether it is for a Hololens event through to Hololens application design for a specific project.

We don’t just offer Hololens Hire, we also support clients with their Hololens design projects and can create user friendly applications perfect for your event or for training. Some details of past projects below.

Havaianas – Case Study

Havaianas had an important European launch event in Madrid and required an AR application at very short notice to showcase their new range of footwear and Hololens Hire for the event for their new content.

Working closely with their marketing and events team, VRE created a Havaianas AR application running on Hololens within 7 days.

This allowed them to showcase their new footwear in an engaging and fun way, with users building a beach scene complete with cocktail drinks. Users then placing the new range of footwear in their new environment, walking round they could rotate and resize the footwear and explore the new products from all angles.

This project demonstrates how well AR can be integrated into the retail sector and when used correctly can encourage a great retail consumer experience, highlighting features and benefits, providing additional information on the product and most importantly driving consumer engagement.

“We commissioned VRE to create a Hololens application for a major Havaianas event in Madrid at very short notice, they amazingly turned it around in just 7 days and flew out to Madrid to deliver it on time and we were extremely pleased with the end product.”
– Filippo Trentin, Alpargatass, Havaianas.

Daichii Sankyo – Case Study

We delivered an innovative product information application for a major Pharmaceuticals company, showcasing how their new award winning product works in an informative and engaging way to bring their product to life. This VR experience enabled distributors to understand the key features and benefits and to be in control of their learning at a speed and pace of their choosing.

Hololens for Team Building

Being the VR team building experts we wondered how well does Hololens work for team building activities, so we decided to find out and created our own XR team building experience.

We found that it can work quite well, our multiplayer hololens team building experience allows groups to build and assemble structures together, groups can build any structure of any size with groups set the task to recreate various objects (e.g. shapes of famous buildings).

Simply drag your blocks off your floating dispenser and snap them to the structure to build, connect, collaborate and create.

Each player’s hololens is networked so they are able to work in the same holographic environment and build together, seeing how others holograms connect to theirs and vice a versa.

This team building experience has been designed from the ground up to encourage teams to work together, gesture control works well and we hope with the release of Hololens 2 that this will improve further to support additional development of this XR team building experience.

Why VRE for your Hololens Support?

  • We can provide affordable, fast Hololens Hire anywhere in Europe
  • Fixed fee Hololens design for your project or event
  • Hololens content development from as little as £500, whatever your budget we are confident we can develop something for your own Hololens event or project
  • Your content can be designed quickly and delivered preloaded onto Hololens anywhere in Europe
  • VRE have worked closely with many companies across Europe to help them deliver their AR events, our experienced development teams and support staff will ensure your Hololens event runs smoothly

Our Hololens Hire are delivered in person by a member of our team direct to your EU company office, and if required can also help you set up and install your content if required.

We have extensive experience with EU clients and our international team can deal with your own clients directly in their native language, helping make the AR event and your Hololens run smoothly.