HTC VIVE Focus Hire

The HTC VIVE Focus is now available for hire from Virtual Reality Experiences!

Perhaps you’d simply like to rent the device from us for personal or business use, or maybe you require some custom content to be created and pre-loaded on the device. Even if you need a larger content creation project to be developed, Virtual Reality Experiences can help.

The VIVE Focus builds upon HTC’s winning formula from the VIVE and VIVE Pro, with this latest update removing the need for any cables whatsoever.

By including a powerful computer inside the headset, the VIVE Focus is able to deliver compelling virtual reality experiences without the need for a connection to a powerful computer and motion tracking sensors.

While the built-in processor crunches numbers super fast, the 6 built-in depth-of-field sensors allow the unit to accurately understand your physical environment and deliver VR experiences to suit.

While not quite as powerful as the VIVE Pro hire package that we offer, the all-in-one nature of the VIVE Focus makes it an excellent rental option for those with less tech expertise, those looking to dive in as quickly as possible, or simply for those who want the most portable option available.

All the hardware you need is included in your rental, as is up-to date software, accessories and spares.

HTC VIVE Focus hire is available – please call us to reserve yours.

HTC VIVE Focus with Custom Content Creation

For those looking to execute a bigger project using VR, Virtual Reality Experiences is able to offer a lot more than simple hardware rental. If you require custom content to be specced, built and pre-loaded onto your HTC VIVE Focus devices, we’re more than able to deliver. Whether it’s a branded virtual experience, a VR showcase of your company’s products or something completely different, we’re happy to discuss what’s possible.

Virtual Reality Experiences was founded by qualified psychologists and learning and development professionals, so we are able to ensure that all custom content is intuitive, easy to use and is suitable for learning or sales objectives.

Our development team can quickly build out 3D models and environments to your exact specifications, whether you only have a simple idea of how you want your VR experience to work or a full CAD model or architectural design that you’d like us to base your VR world upon.

Typically, we develop our client’s VR experiences on a development platform called Unity, which makes it easier to convert your experience to work on other platforms if you require this later on. As well as custom content creation for the HTC VIVE Focus, we can also create custom content for the other VIVE headsets as well as the Oculus and HoloLens platforms.

HTC Vive Focus Content Development for Larger Projects

We’ve established that Virtual Reality Experiences can deliver a HTC VIVE Focus hire to your door, even developing custom content to wow clients, guests and staff members at events or conferences – but what about building content for the VIVE Focus on a larger scale?

VRE is also able to assist with larger custom content creation projects for the VIVE Focus and other prominent VR platforms. Working closely with our clients every step of the way, our well resourced creative team will help you nail down your requirements, provide previews of your project and deliver the content on time.

Call VRE Today

So if you’d like to hire the HTC VIVE Focus, would like it pre-loaded with custom content or have a larger content project in mind, please call VRE today to discuss your requirements. We’ll be happy to help!