HTC Vive Hire

HTC Vive hire was arguably the best virtual reality experience with its room scale technology and wireless controllers when it was released. There are numerous reasons why you should hire the HTC Vive. The main once being roomscale, you can wander your virtual environment and interact fully with wireless controllers allowing you to grab objects and manipulate your environment.

This has been superseded now by our Vive Pro VR hire here which offers the same free roaming VR experience ideal for VR team building but with a higher resolution headset.

With this VR hire we also provide 2 compact tripods on which to fit the HTC Vive room sensors.

You will need to hire one of our high spec VR PC’s or provide your own in order to use the HTC Vive system.

All the equipment is included, and we do not charge extra for items such as headphones, extra controllers, etc.

Select our VR PC system if you do not have a suitable PC. Please contact us to discuss your PC specs if you wish to run the VR headset on your own PC.

Call us to reserve your VR hire dates.

*One of our high spec VR laptops or Pc’s is required for this VR Headset, you will also need to set up a Steam account.

HTC Vive Content Creation for your VR Event or Project

We can do a lot more than just VR hire, if you would like to create some HTC Vive content for your virtual reality event then we can help. We can develop branded virtual reality experiences that showcase your company’s services or products and tailor them to the VR experience you want to deliver to your customers.

We can develop cost effective, bespoke VR solutions and with developers and learning and development professionals on the team we can also ensure a friendly user experience makes, with any user interface and experience we design being intuitive and easy to use.

Import your own models – We can quickly and easily develop 3D models, VR environments from scratch or use your own existing models from CAD or architectural designs and get them Vive ready so you or your clients can manipulate them, walk around them or interact with them.

We generally design in Unity, this allows easier deployment to other platforms further down the line if you wish to then deploy your VR content on other devices. We can also create content for Oculus Rift and Hololens.

HTC Vive Content Development for Larger Projects

As per above we can deliver small VR projects quickly for an event or conference. We can also develop HTC Vive content for much larger projects, and are able to work on projects much bigger in scope. We will work with clients from initial design concepts through to proof of concept and then build/implementation.

We also have significant expertise in the learning and development sector, and will be able to advise on the design and build of VR concepts that may be used for virtual reality team building, VR training or development.