Magic Leap Development

It has been a long time coming as the device has been in development for several years, but now it has finally been released to developers and will soon be available for events and development purposes.

Like the Hololens the Magic Leap device is an augmented reality device so it allows you to project holograms into your real environment, great for a range of applications especially training where you would like to overlay instructions onto a real control panel for example.

We can develop content for your magic leap and are experts in creating immersive content for shows, events, product launches or applications such as training where Hololens is often used.

The headset

The new Magic Leap One is a much smaller form factor than the Hololens due to how it works and means the headset is lighter, more compact and will be more comfortable to wear.

Part of the reason the headset is so small is the HMD is connected via cable to a small processing unit which handles the computational heavy lifting and also doubles as a power supply.


The field of view for Magic Leap One is slightly larger than the Hololens, and may not still be the full natural field of view we have naturally but is effective and works well according to early users. This will probably be extended more with the second generation of Hololens and Magic Leap Two when it is released in two or three years time with generational updates.