VRE are offering Meta 2 Hire for your VR events or project.

The Meta 2 is the most overlooked headset in the AR family, it hasn’t had the same level of coverage and PR as the other major players like Hololens and the soon to be released Magic Leap.

This is surprising as it is a decent AR headset, with some key advantages over the Hololens. Firstly it has double the field of view, so users can look at objects naturally and don’t feel like they are looking through a small window.

It is also much more comfortable to wear, and while it is quite large and bulky it is actually the headset that least feels like it is slipping off.

It is a little different to the Hololens in that there is a tethered cord to a PC, this is a doubled edged sword, yes you are tethered, but at the same time you have access to a lot more processing power than the small processor in the Hololens.

Both headsets therefore have their advantages, Hololens an untethered experience and with Meta 2 a greater field of view.

When Magic Leap is released in the near future (soon!) we will see if they are able to combine the strengths of both these headsets to create the gold standard of untethered wide field of view AR/MR.

When you hire Meta 2, we can also supply VR laptop hire to go along with this AR headset hire so you have all the equipment you need. We can also provide technical set up and support for your VR Event too.