Meta Quest 2 VR Hire

The meta (oculus) quest 2 hire is a fantastic option for those wanting an easy to use VR headset that also delivers the best wireless experiences. It boasts a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye, which is significantly higher than the original Quest. This results in a much more detailed and crisp image, making the virtual world feel even more realistic.

Cutting-edge Technology

The Quest 2 comes with best in class processing power and memory of any wireless device. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform and 6GB of RAM, resulting in a powerful yet versatile headset that offers a high-quality experience for beginners and veterans alike. Offered with your meta (oculus) quest 2 rental, are two lightweight touch controllers, which provide a realistic and intuitive way to interact with the virtual world. The controllers have pressure sensors built in, allowing for more accurate and responsive hand tracking; they detect the pressure applied by your fingers on the controller buttons and thumbsticks. The pressure sensors also enable additional hand gestures and inputs, such as squeezing or pinching, allowing for more subtle and precise interactions in virtual environments.


When you rent quest 2, you receive a comfortable, lightweight, and well balanced headset, making it easy to wear for extended periods of time. It weighs only 503 grams which perfectly compliments the 6 degrees of freedom supported by your meta (oculus) quest 2 hire, making VR experiences more fluid and enjoyable. The IPD (interpupillary distance) adjustment on the Meta Quest 2 Hire is a feature that allows you to adjust the distance between the lenses in the headset which reduces motion sickness. The IPD and straps can both be easily adjusted ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for all head sizes.

Ease of Use

You will not have to worry about setup when you rent meta (oculus) quest 2 as it is a standalone device. This means it does not require a PC or console to operate nor any wires, making it incredibly convenient to use, you can simply put it on and start playing right away. An outstanding feature of the Meta Quest 2 is the intuitive user interface – offering an easy to navigate environment, even for those who are new to VR. Our meta (oculus) quest 2 rental draws a virtual boundary with the Guardian System providing a safe play area, which helps prevent accidents while playing in VR.

Quality of Life

The Meta Quest 2 has a respectable two to three hours of battery life, ensuring play sessions will not be cut early. These sessions are enhanced with the system’s directional sound and crisp audio, enabling you to pinpoint friends with your eyes closed. Another layer of immersion is added with the meta (oculus) quest 2 hire’s hand tracking. The Quest 2’s advanced sensors and cameras accurately translate your real hand movements into the virtual world, making interactions with objects and environments feel natural and intuitive.

Why Choose Us for your Meta Quest 2 Hire?

We offer user-friendly setup, flexible rental plans and expert support when you rent quest 2 from us. With our flexible rental plans, you decide what’s best for you, and with the user-friendly set up, you can be certain no time will be wasted. Our highly trained staff will accompany you throughout and teach you the basics of experiencing the virtual world. All of this combines with our extensive content library to create a bespoke adventure, tailored to your exact wants and needs. With thousands of games to choose from, we guarantee you will be spellbound in your quest.

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